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    Aug 27 Future Master Newsletter
    CBA Mentor Program  game schedules.

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    Major Events
    Flying Buckeye Regional 2015Cincinnati NLM SectionalCincinnati Spooktacular SectionalD11 NAP Finals

    A. Beth Reid's Board of Director's Report to District 11.
    N2B NEW 2 BRIDGE Saturday September 12 from 9 AM to Noon at the Cincinnati Bridge Center (CBC). 
    This free event will teach the most basic bridge concepts with hands on play.  Attendees can then continue on with beginner lessons in the fall complemented with Informal Supervised Play Saturday mornings.  Attendees can register for this free event by contacting Mike Purcell at or by phone at 513-702-4007.   

    August 9, 2015 ACBL Board of Governors:  Agenda and Exhibits. Meeting Report.   The ACBL Board of Governors serves as a liason between membership and the Board of Directors.  It is a forum for expression of membership opinion, and acts to identify issues and improve communication among Units and Districts.  See the ACBL Bylaws (page 23) for more details.

    Congratulations Unit 124 - 2015 NABC Champions!

    Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Wagar Women's KO Teams: Pamela Granovetter, Kerri Sanborn, Irina Levitina, captain Lynn Baker, Karen McCallum and JoAnna Stansby.

    Congratulations to Bob Fisk, Darin Campo, Peter Whipple, Ryan Schultz, John Meinking, and AJ Stephani - 2015 Grand National Teams Flight B Champs!

    Congratulations to Frank Trieber III and Diane Travis - 2015 0-10,000 NABC Pairs Champions!

    Unit 124 Elections - Board of DirectorsCall for Nomination - Interested in serving on the Unit 124 Board of Directors?
    Click here for the Nomination Form.  Simply get 10 signatures from members in good standing. Then contact Joe Muenks before October 1, 2015.  Call Joe at (513)  469 - 6466 and arrange to send him the completed nominaton form, along with a suitable digital portrait photo and a short statement in support of your candidacy for publication.
    ELECTION - Vote during the Spooktacular Sectional October 23-25.  Polls close 10 minutes before game time each day - this includes Sunday Morning.  Winners will be announced at the start of the Swiss Teams on Sunday.  Vote early by US Mail - ballots can be obtained directly from Joe Muenks.  Ballots received by Joe at his home on or before Saturday October 24, 2015 will count toward the election.  Voters must be members in good standing of Unit 124 and the ACBL.  One vote per member.  Contact Joe Muenks at or (513)  469 - 6466.  

    ALERTJULY 2015 Issue - LARGE FILE 26 pages 1.8 MB.  Contact the ALERT editor at

    Welcome!New Members: James Barrett, Bob Sebastian, Connie Bridge, Jenny Davis, Jim Davis, Jack Diem, Monica Ibarra, Mary Merryman
    GOLD LIFE MASTER: Deborah Cummings
    Rose Hornsby
    BRONZE LIFE MASTER: Madeleine Gordon
    NEW LIFE MASTERS: Gail Arnow, Linda Flesch, Erwin Johnson, Nancy Sage, Kevin Smyth
    Others with promotions:Lynn Darbie, Lza Benham, Mike Burns, Tim Oppelt, Janet Willenborg, Judith Lucas, M D Snoke, Barry Wauligman, Verlie Guiher, Howard Simon, Stacy Vanstone.  All Rank Promotions are updated through June 1, 2015.  See Milestones - Members on the Move for details!

    Midwest MonitorThe July 2015 eMagazine is now available.  Big file (5 MB) - use a high speed connection for best results.  


    District 11 Summer STaC - CBC Results

    North American Pair Qualifying Games are underway at area clubs.  These games offer more masterpoints (Sectional Rated) and are 50/50 Red/Black.  Qualify and then plan to play in the District 11 NAP finals at the CBC the weekend of November 14 & 15 in your flight.  WInners of the District NAP Final qualify for the National final in 2016 in Reno Nevada and funds from the ACBL and District 11. For more details see the District 11 NAP page.

    Anderson Bridge Club 50th Anniversary celebration June 10, 2015
    Photos and Results - 17.5 Tables celebrated in style!

    Need more help finding partners at the CBC?  Check out the New Sign-up Calendar near the door to the Cincinnati Bridge Center.  You can also contact Joanne Earls  513-772-4395, 513-478-2033  for help.  
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