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    Unit 124 APR 2014 EVENTS

    Unit 124 Awards Party Results

    Friday Morning 4/18
    10:30 Phyllis Bishop on giving attitude on defense.  11:00 NLM & Open games

    Stratified Swiss Teams
    Thursday Eve 4/17
    Tues Morn 4/29

    N2BNew to Bridge (N2B)  May 3rd at the CBC from 9:00 to
    FREE!! Up to 16 people . For non-players wantong to learn Birdge.

    Register w/Mike Purcell by email or  513-702-4007.

    Sat 10 AM-12 NOON
    Relaxed Supervised Play
    $2 per person ($1 Youth).  Contact Mike Purcell or (513) 702 4007 with questions. Partners available.
    NEWCOMER games:
    <2000 MPs Mon 7 PM Mike Lipp
    NLM Tue 11 AM  Annease Comer
    149er Tue 7 Let's Talk Bridge 6:30PM
    NLM 11 AM Fri K. Mulford - Talk 10:30
    Questions? Call the Directors

    Welcome New Members:
    Lewis G Gatch
    Noralee Gatch
    Dr Leonard H Canterman
    Welcome Back Snowbirds!

    Player Pictures at Dallas NABC

    CBA Mentoring Program2014 Mentoring Program
    We Want You!!!
    Mentors and Future Masters Sign Up NOW!!

    Kick off Wed 7 PM May 28, 2014

    Get your Phone #, e-mail, and experience level to:
    Chris Hastie
    (513) 793-1475
    Joanne Earls
    (513) 772-4395

    CBA Name Tags
    Name Tag? Contact
    Joanne Earls
    (513) 772-4395
    1st Tag Free to Newcomers!
    Replacements $4 each

    Unit 124 Power Ratings
    Power Ratings Home Page

    Contract Bridge Not a Sport
    Bridge Documentary
    18 Reasons Why Wall Street Loves Bridge
    Best Bridge Players on Wall Street
    High Rollers Foot the Bill for Bridge Pros

    Website Survey
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    Future Master Newsletter
    April 22

    CBA Newsletters Page

    Lets Talk Bridge

    Spring Classes
    Swiss Team Tactics

    Joe Fisher - click here
    Supervised Play
    Nancy Sachs - click here
    More Conventions
    Potter Orr - click here
    Intermediate, Fundamentals
    Linda Wolber - click here
    Introduction to Bridge
    Phyllis Bishop - click here

    ALERT  January 2014
    22 pages/2 MB

    New Directories @ the CBC. On-line click MyCBA then Member Directory (password)

    Nov 2013 Youth Bridge News 
    ACBL A to Z

    Take This Quiz (by Larry Cohen) - How aggressive are you at Bridge?

    Who Plays Bridge?
    ACBL 2005 Survey
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    Unit Wide Game April 2014

    Area Tournaments
    Gatlinburg TN Regional                         April 21-27
    Cincinnati NLM Sectional                       May 24-25

    2014 District 11 Regionals
    District 11 Sectionals
    District 11 GNT/NAP

    Go to the Tournaments tab above to find results for CBA/D11 tourneys. Past results:

    International Fund Game Results
    Wed Aft March 13, 2014
    Feb STaC District-Wide Results
    Instant Matchpoint Game Results
    Spooktacular Sectional Results
    NAP District 11 Results
    Winter STaC Overall Results
    2014 GNT District 11 Results