Deschapelles Bridge Club

Guillame Deschapelles (1780-1847)

      was described by his contemporaries as the finest whist player the world had ever seen. He invented the coup that bears his name. A Deschapelles   Coup is the sacrifice of an unnecessarily high honor in order to force an entry into partner’s hand.

Board of Directors



Primary Contact

Email Address
Judy Ruehl President 513-225-8253
Phyllis Bishop Vice President/Secretary/Directory  Chair 513-683-2804
Sue Hermans Membership 513-470-0673
Debbie Cummings Treasurer Director  859-331-0558
Doris Kehoe   513-936-0208
Sanderson Orr  Hospitality Chair 513-368-5818
Carol Macksey  

 Pat Newman
 Diane Thaller

 Jeanne Weyers

 Linda Woodham


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All games are Monday at 11 am 

Snow Cancellation:  If the Cincinnati Public Schools are closed due to weather, there will be NO GAME that day.

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