Deschapelles Bridge Club
Founded April 14th, 1947
Guillame Deschapelles (1780-1847)
was described by his contemporaries as the finest whist player the world had ever seen.
He invented the coup that bears his name. A Deschapelles Coup is the sacrifice of an unnecessarily high honor in order to force an entry into partner’s hand.
Attached are Deschapelles Revised By-Laws Oct. 2014


Play shall begin promptly at 11:00 A.M.

Deschapelles’ playing policy is Zero Tolerance. “It strives to promote a friendly atmosphere at the table, while eliminating unacceptable behavior, including rudeness,
intimidation, gloating, profanity, and a variety of other offenses. Automatic penalties are part of the program. If you feel an infraction of Zero Tolerance has occurred at your
table, please call the director.” ACBL By-laws

The Board members give voluntarily of their time to assure that Deschapelles is well run and the most prestigious women’s club. You, as members, are asked to do your share.

Greet guests, introduce yourselves and be courteous



There will be no guests at the Birthday Party in April, Holiday Party and Club
Championship games. “Open” Games are at the Director’s discretion with President of Deschapelles’ Board approval, and within the ACBL guidelines.
Only handicapped players may reserve special tables.
Club Championship games are established at the beginning of the year and are published.
Guests must sign in at the front desk before play begins. Guests must play a total of four times to be considered for membership. The four times need not be
in the same calendar year. Should a guest play fewer than four times in one year, she may play four times the following year until her application is submitted.
It is the responsibility of the sponsoring member or members to submit an application to the Secretary of the Board as soon as the guest has played the required number of times.
Members bringing guests should introduce them to the Director and the President of Deschapelles. Candidates for membership are voted on at the first Board meeting following receipt of application. (Board members may be polled for their vote privately by the President or Membership Chair.) An acceptance letter is then sent to the applicant informing her that she will become a member with payment of current dues.

Addendum October 2014:

The Board has the right to allow new non-members pairs that attend CBA student classes to play with permission of the director and/or The President of the Board.. They must make reservations with the Director. This addendum is to be reviewed every year beginning January 2016 and may be rescinded at any time the Board deems necessary. This addendum's purpose is to bring new members to our club when membership totals are down.

All disputes are to be settled by the Director.



The name of this organization shall be Deschapelles Bridge Club.


The Object of this organization shall be to promote meetings of the members in the play of duplicate bridge games under the sanction and rules of the American Contract Bridge League.


Membership shall consist of Charter members and those duly elected by the Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors shall consist of a minimum of nine (9) and a maximum of fifteen (15) voting members – President, Vice-President, Treasurer,Secretary, Membership- chairperson, and ten (10) Directors. Board Members are to serve two-year terms.


Deschapelles shall meet each Monday of the year. On special holidays, the game will be held at the Director’s discretion.


All funds of Deschapelles Bridge Club – a not for profit organization paying rent to the Cincinnati Bridge Association, shall be provided as set forth in the by-laws.


This constitution can be changed only by a majority two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors. Last amended Nov. 2014.

ARTICLE B I: NAME Deschapelles Bridge Club


Section 1. The object of Deschapelles Bridge Club is to have fun, play bridge, socialize, and meet other bridge players.

Section 2. Deschapelles has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy at all times.

A. “It strives to promote a friendly atmosphere at the table, while eliminating unacceptable behavior, including rudeness, intimidation, gloating, profanity, and a variety of other offenses. Automatic penalties are part of the program. If you feel an infraction of Zero Tolerance has occurred at your table, please call the director.”

ACBL by-laws

Section 3. Duties of the game Director –

A. Call game promptly.
B. Arrive one hour before play begins.
C. Collect monies:
1. When the Director asks for volunteer assistance, the Director is still responsible for the monies.
2. Volunteer assistance should be a Board member whenever possible.
3. Maintain discipline and insure orderly progression of the game.
D. The Director shall be the Club Manager:
1. Handle all business correspondence with the American Contract Bridge League.
2. Handle all business correspondence with the Cincinnati Bridge Association.
E. Vacations:
1. Should the Director be on vacation, the Director is responsible for trying to find a replacement first, and then ask the President to assist.
F. Directing the game:
1. Responsible for duplimating the Boards before each game.
2. Responsible for Hand Records and Printouts.
3. Responsible for posting scores on the Internet.
G. Responsible for all scoring disputes and ruling disputes.
H. The Director is responsible for reporting any of his/her income from the games to the IRS for taxes.
I. Chapter 4 of the ACBL by-laws defines the Director’s qualifications. 

Section 4. In the event of two (2) sections or more, we may have an assistant to the Director. Duties of the assistant shall be determined by the Director. The Director is to have total responsibility for rulings in all sections as well as her  regular duties.
A. The Director may request additional Director(s) and caddy(s) for the Holiday Party.


Section 1. The membership shall be limited to women.
Section 2. An applicant’s name may be submitted to the Board for consideration after she has played four (4) games as a guest of any member in good standing.
Section 3. There shall be no guests, other than houseguests, at the Birthday party, Holiday party, and Club Championship games. Dates of such to be posted at all times and in the printed calendar.
Section 4. An open discussion shall precede the election of a new member. This election shall be conducted by a vote of the Board of Directors.
A. Any Board member may request a closed vote at any time.
Section 5. A quorum (2/3) two-thirds of the Board of Directors is required to elect a new member.
A. Board members may be individually polled for their vote by the President or the Membership Chair should there not be a convenient meeting scheduled.
Section 6. An applicant refused membership may, after one (1) year re-apply for membership by attending four (4) more meetings as a guest of any member.
Section 7. Former members who wish to be reinstated and resigned in good standing will be treated as new members with payment of current dues.


Section 1.

A. A Nominating Committee of three (3) Board members will submit a slate of officers (from the Board), on which all Board members must vote.
1. The slate of Board members should be ready for approval at the October Board meeting.
2. The Nominating Committee is selected by the President.
B. There will be a special Board meeting prior to the Holiday Party to elect officers for the coming year. Results will be announced at the Holiday Party.
C. The President will request a willing member to fill any Board vacancy.
D. A two-thirds (2/3) vote (quorum) is required for action by the Board of Directors.
E. Board Members are elected for two-year terms.
F. The President may not serve more than two consecutive terms.
G. Board Members may serve three (3) consecutive terms, and then must take one year off the Board.

Section 2.

A. The President shall preside at all meetings, keep order, and be responsible that proper order of business is maintained. The President shall make announcements at all games and advise the membership of the actions of the Board. She has the power to appoint special committees and call special meetings of the Board of Directors.
1. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President.
B. The Treasurer shall receive all monies paid into the organization, make distribution of funds, and maintain adequate records of all receipts and disbursements. The Treasurer shall also prepare a condensed report, showing funds on hand, to be presented at Board meetings.

C. The Secretary shall keep and preserve records of all meetings, and shall – in conjunction with the President- take care of all correspondence for the Club concerning Deschapelles membership.

D. The Membership Chair:

1. Responsible for posting the membership applications on the bulletin Board.
2. Responsible for collecting Membership applications and submitting them to the Board of Directors.
3. Maintaining the Deschapelles database in conjunction with the Treasurer.
4. Posting all new members on the bulletin Board.
5. Responsible for the bi annual calendar and address book printing in conjunction with the Treasurer.
G. The Board of Directors may perform all lawful acts for the proper and efficient management of the organization.


Section 1. Play shall begin promptly at designated time.
A. Players who show up after play has started are subject to penalty points determined by the director.
B. Chronic late players are to be brought to the Board’s attention.
C. Players may reserve tables only if they are handicapped.


Section 1. Annual club dues are payable September 1 through April 30th.

Section 2. All new members accepted through November 1 will be assessed annual dues.

Section 3. Guest entry fees shall be the same as that of members.


Require 2/3 (two-thirds) vote or quorum of the Board of Directors.

Revised October 1988, 2003, 2007,2014

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