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Check out these sources to help you learn online bridge.  We encourage every member to support the three Virtual Clubs running games for members in our area.  Check the home page for the latest game schedule, and any special tournaments coming up.  There is also help for finding a partner online if you need it.
"HOW TO" VIDEOS Bridge Videos
How to Use Bridge Base Online (S.Morici)
Adding BBO $'s to your account (S.Morici)
How to Bid and Play (S.Morici)
How to Alert your Bids (S.Morici)
How to Set up your convention card (S.Morici)
How to Play on BBO (Samantha McDouglas)
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How to Join BBO

CBA BBO Best Practices 

BBO tutorials

Here's what to do:
1)   Join BBO to create your account.  (To add your ACBL #, Go to “ACBL World”. At the bottom find 3 big blue buttons. Click “update your ACBL number.” Follow the instructions).
2)   Log onto BBO. Buy BB$ to pay for your Black Point Games on BBO. No Free Plays accepted.
3)   Register with partner 30  min. early on the day you play.

If not registered on time, you might not be able to play.  The SYC and Virtual Club Black Point Games support our sanction holders.
How to Find Virtual Club Games on BBO:

How to Find Games  
ACBL Support Your Club Games

Other ACBL Games
Find CBA Games: BBO→Virtual Clubs→ACBL North America: Search “CBA”  
Find CBC Games:   BBO→Virtual Clubs→ACBL North America: Search "Cincinnati".
Find NKBC & Anderson Games:
Free Games  - BBO→Competitive→Free Tournaments: Search "NKBC"
Virtual Club Games -
BBO→Virtual Clubs→ACBL North America: Search "NKBC"

Find Your Virtual Club Results
Live4Clubs Directions

Live4Clubs Results Links: 

NKy/Anderson BC     
Queen City Duplicate   
Cincinnati Bridge Association

How to find Results on ACBL Live for Clubs (Club Games and Silver Linings Games).
If you play in the Virtual Club Games or Silver Linings Club Games you can go to ACBL Live for Clubs.  Your real Masterpoint awards are found here (BBO does not add the multiplier in some cases). 
How to find Results on ACBL Live for Regionals and Sectionals

Go to ACBL Live and Click on Regional or Sectional.  Select the online tournament you played in. Select the event, then search your name or player number.
How to get other BBO Online Results:

BBOMyHands Directions

BBO History Directions
How to Print BBO Convention Card

BBO provides two ways to find the results of all the online games you have played. Both get you to the same result. 

BBOMyHands allows you to go back in time or search other players.    
BBO History
works well for your most recent games.  
How to print your BBO Convention Card