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Learning the Game of Bridge
Bridge is easy to learn but can take a lifetime to master.  This fascinating game can be a joy to play by anyone at any skill level. Mini-bridge is a great way to learn the basics in about 10 minutes!  Then there are books and software for self-directed learning. Classroom lessons are available from accredited teachers through the CBA.  Private instruction is also available.  How far do your dreams go? 
Benefits of Bridge for Juniors
Bridge develops critical skills: analytical and logical thinking, planning and communication, teamwork and trust, language, counting and probability in a game where a hand lasts about 5-6 minutes.  Here's a video showing why students want to play bridge. Here's an interesting article on test scores for students playing bridge.
Benefits of Bridge for Adults
Bridge offers benefits for all ages.  Check out Gates and Buffettthese Testimonials and News Articles to learn more.  Try this Google Search on the Benefits of Playing Bridge.  You will be surprised!
Bridge Resources For New Players
Mini Bridge Summary
Mini Bridge Free Download
Free Learning Software from the ACBL
CBA Lessons
Good Books
ACBL Learn to Play/ Improve Your Game
Karen Walker's Website
Play Bridge at Home
Rubber Bridge and Chicago are popular forms of scoring for home-style bridge.  Here are some tips for playing bridge with your children at home.   A game of bridge with family or friends costs no more than a deck of cards, a pencil, and a scorepad plus the hospitality you add.
Cost of Duplicate Bridge
Duplicate bridge at the Cincinnati Bridge Association costs less than the price of a movie and entertains you twice as long. Most duplicate games take 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Tournament costs vary according to level, size, and location.  Check tournament listings for details.  
Play Bridge On-line
Several On-Line sites are accredited by the ACBL and offer safe ways to play bridge.  Find someone at your experience level, form a partnership, and enjoy a game of duplicate bridge in the comfort of your own home!
Gambling, Bridge, the CBA and the ACBL
The ACBL and the CBA have strict policies and regulations against gambling.  We do not condone the gambling in any form.  Our reward for playing tournament Bridge well is Masterpoints - a cumulative measure of success that establishes one's rank as a Bridge Player. Here's how the ACBL membership ranks  today.