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Starting in June 2008, we will put up only HTML versions (this is a standard web page) and if you can see this page, no other programs are needed.  Just click on the Month & Year and the page should be displayed.

If your life will be incomplete without a paper printed copy and you are willing to risk the ecological chaos resulting from the use of paper and toner, once the newsletter appears, click on the FILE menu choice in the upper left corner of your web browser program and then click Print.

                        Archive of past CBA Alerts


2006 - 2007 2010


March 2006 PDF

  January 2010
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March 2007 PDF

March 2005 PDF

June 2007 PDF

September 2004 PDF

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June04 PDF

Sept 2007 PDF

 Mar04 Word

Sept 2007 HTM

Oct03 Word   PDF


 June03 Word  PDF

June 2008 

 February, 2003

October 2008 

 September, 2002


 May, 2002

January 2009 

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February, 2001


October, 2000


For the older PDF version, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. To see if you have it on your computer, click one of the links below.   

If you don't have it on your PC - it's a free download from Adobe.  This is a very popular format that is easily installed on your PC. It will allow you to view the Alert in the same format as the one you get in the mail. Click this  button  to download Acrobat -  then install Acrobat Reader on your PC.

If an HTML version is listed, you can read it without the PDF reader, but the formatting never seems to work out exactly right.

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