CBA Home Page CBA policy for use of Public Display Spaces (4/2013) Cincy Youth Bridge Home

Public display spaces for the Cincinnati bridge Association are defined (for now) as the following:

-   Bulletin boards, walls and display boards at the bridge center itself.
-   The website:
-   The clubs mailing list in both traditional and electronic form.
The policy of the CBA board is to limit the use of all of these spaces to information directly related to bridge. Personal stories and Items indirectly related to bridge may also be posted if, in the opinion of the CBC Coordinator or CBA Webmaster, they both promote the game of bridge and do not contain subjects that are controversial.
While we recognize and often take justifiable pride in the accomplishments and participation of our members in other events and organizations, we feel that CBA’s public spaces are not the correct venue for such recognition.  We further anticipate that if there were exceptions to this policy, it would require a significant commitment of volunteer time to decide which items are appropriate and would almost certainly result in hurt feelings.
Serious illness and/or the death of a member of the unit are the sole exception to this policy. We feel that this information is of such value to the rest of the membership that should be publicized.
Although “in memoriam” notices on the website are limited to members, upon specific request the sudden and unexpected demise of a close relative of a member may also be publicized at the discretion of the webmaster.