CBA Authors Author Title   CBA Library  
  Ringel Make the Winning Bid    
  Ringel Plan Before You Play   Karen Walker's Library
  Fink/Lutz American Forcing Minor System    
  Fink/Lutz Count Coded Leads      
  Granovetter Bridge Conventions in Depth  
  Granovetter Bridge Lessons at a Glance    
  Granovetter For Experts Only    
  Granovetter Switch in Time      
All Francis The Official Encyclopedia of Contract Bridge  
Basic Root, William How to Play A Bridge Hand    
  Root, William How to Defend a Bridge Hand    
  Grant, Audrey  Bridge Basics 1: An Introduction     
  Grant, Audrey  Bridge Basics 2: Competetive Bidding     
  Kantar, Edwin Introduction to Declarer's Play    
Intermediate Hardy 2/1 Game Force     
  Kantar, Edwin Modern Bridge Defense    
  Kantar, Edwin Advanced Bridge Defense    
  Kantar, Edwin Take All Your Tricks      
  Kantar, Edwin Take All Your Chances  
  Lawrence, Mike Opening Leads     
  Lawrence, Mike How to Read Your Opponents Cards    
  Lawrence, Mike The Complete book on Balancing    
  Lawrence, Mike The Complete Book on Overcalls    
  Lawrence, Mike The Complete  book on Takeout Doubles  
  Woolsey, Kit Matchpoints     
  Klinger Modern Losing Trick Count    
  Simon Why You Lose at Bridge     
  Kelsey & Glauert Bridge Odds for Practical Players    
  Izdebski, Krzemien & Klinger Deadly Defense   
Advanced Cohen, Larry To Bid or Not to Bid The Law of Total Tricks    
  Lawrence & Wirgrens I Fought the Law of Total Tricks    
  Fourquet Bridge with the Blue Team    
  Love, Clyde S.  Squeezes Complete     
  Hardy Advanced Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century  
  Kelsey Logical Bridge Play     
  Kelsey Killing Defense at Bridge    
  Kelsey More Killing Defense at Bridge    
  Kelsey Advanced Play at Bridge    
  Ottlik & Kelsey Adventures in Card Play    
  Leve Encyclopedia of Card Play Techniques at Bridge     
   Rodwell & Horton The Rodwell Files