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 02/13/96   Carole Miller is new ALERT Editor.
 02/11/97   Recording Secretary has responsibility to write summary of minutes to be published in each ALERT.
09/11/07     Board requests Promotions Committee study issue & return with recommendations.
11/13/07     One last Alert to be mailed in early 2008 & will include return card for individual member to request continued hard-copy mailing.  Future Alerts to be electronic &  posted to website.
07/08/08     Burpee volunteers to head up for 1 year.
                      Board agrees if non-board-member volunteers, club will pay with 52 free plays over 1 year.
08/11/08     Amit Raturi appointed as new editor.
04/21/09     Concensus of Board is highly complimentary to editor  Raturi.
08/14/09     Meeting with Raturi to clarify purpose of newsletter, authority of editor & role of Board.

 12/12/00   ACBL has asked each unit to name an official e-mail contact. Executive Secretary will handle this.

01/09/96     Plan to recognize Marshall Tuly's winning a National event.
11/12/96     Points won at NAP should not be considered for Manny Isralsky Award.
01/13/98     Board authorized a plaque honoring all CBA Presidents.
3/21/00        Award winners will be CBA's guests at party.
06/12/00     Rookie of the Year trophy will be refurbished and then displayed at CBC; all but one of the winners who are   active players contributed. Mike Purcell initiated action on this.
07/11/00     H Norris, Judy Conn, and Jodie Kieffer are committee to study details and make a recommendation to Board to establish an award for special achievement or outstanding service to the Unit.
08/08/00     Board approved recommendation of "special award" committee to create "The Patty Eber Award". (Included  in appendix.)
11/14/00     Board approved a new award in Jan Weyant's memory to recognize Unit 124 player earning most points at CBA Regional.
01/14/01     Rookie trophy has been repaired. Nancy Sachs donated stand for trophy.
09/25/01     Jane Ward Memorial winners will be from Middletown Sectional.
08/10/02     Board voted to use results from ACBL Senior Game for Horwitz Award. Deschapelles will forgo its game for ACBL Senior game which is always on a Monday afternoon.
11/09/04      In memory of Don Walker, his family established an award to person winning most overall points in calendar year.
01/09/07     Ev Kitchen to head up Committee.
08/14/07     Board votes to honor Sachs & Wobler at Spring Awards Banquet.
12/10/07     Awards Banquet to be held March 25, 2008.
01/08/08     Tom Deddens received the Lifetime Goodwill Award from ACBL
01/08/08     Sachs & Wolber to receive Lifetime Achievement Awards.
03/04/08     Voted to give Golden Life Master Award only to members who have little or no chance of making Life Master due to illness or infirmary.  Dan Sherman & Don Brunswick to receive the award.  It was further agreed to get a list from ACBL on Jan 1,2009 and send letters to those who may be eligible for award.
04/08/08     Voted to chage name of Steve Shameroy Award to the Gery & Steve Shameroy Award.
08/11/08     Linda Wolber to receive Lifetime Achievement Award.
                      Fred Sigler will present Dorothy Gard’s award.
01/13/09     Annual Game & Party set for March 24.
01/12/10     Scheduled for May 18.  Reservations will be required.  Award winners play for free.
04/20/10     $5 entry fee for non-winners with reservations.  Steurnagle committee expects to award a recipient this year.

1996             Bruce Abel, Hobie Brooks, Judy Cohn, Joe Conger, Lou Epstein, Bill Higgins, Karen Kendall, Barbara Levinson, Bernice Lipsich,  Brenda Mehaiko, Carole Miller, Hal Norris, Alex Pappas, Ken Recob, Linda Wolber
                      DianeTravis elected to replace Bernice Lipsich (deceased). Dyan Vaughn elected to replace Karen Kendall (relocating).
1997             Bruce Abel, Linda Abrahamson, Hobie Brooks, Judy Cohn, Bill Higgins, Barbara Levinson, Brenda Mahaiko, Carole Miller, Hal Norris, Alex Pappas, Jo Ellen Spitz, Howard  Stifel, Diane Travis, Dyan Vaughn, Linda Wolber
1998             Bruce Abel, Linda Abrahamson, Bill Higgins, Jodie Kieffer, Barbara Levinson, Carole Miller, Joe Muenks, Hal Norris, Alex Pappas, Jo Ellen Spitz, Howard Stifel, Jackie Swango, Diane  Travis, Dyan Vaughn, Linda Wolber
                      Dyan Vaughn resigned; Joy Norris elected. Marlene Catino elected to complete Linda Abrahamson's term.
1999             Bill Brewer, Marlene Catino, Bill Higgins, Jodie Kieffer, Barbara Levinson, Joe Muenks, Hal Norris, Joy Norris, Alex Pappas, Nate Reid, Nancy Sachs, Jo Ellen Spitz, Howard Stifel, Jackie Swango, Diane Travis
2000             Bill Brewer, Joe Fisher, Bill Higgins, Jodie Kieffer, Barbara  Levinson, Joe Muenks, Hal Norris, Joy Norris, Alex Pappas, Nate  Reid, Nancy Sachs, Howard Stifel, Jackie Swango, Otto Walter, Linda Wolber
2001             Bill Brewer, Walter Bunker, Jane Burpee, Elena Hickman, Bill Higgins, Ralph Isaacs, Jodie Kieffer, Joy Norris, Alex Pappas,  Fred Pollack, Nancy Sachs, Mary Segal, Nate Reid, Otto Walter,  Linda Wolber
                      Bill Brewer requested to resign from Board (meetings missed); Carolyn Ahlert was elected to fill vacancy.
2002             Carolyn Ahlert, Herb Behr, Walter Bunker, Jane Burpee, Elena Hickman, Bill Higgins, Ralph Isaacs, Jodie Kieffer,  Barbara Levinson, Joy Norris, Fred Pollack, Nancy Sachs, Mary  Segal, Otto Walter, Linda Wolber
                      Mary Segal resigned; Joe Lutz will complete her term.
 2003            Carolyn Ahlert, Herb Behr, Walter Bunker, Jane Burpee, Sis Gleisinger, Elena Hickman, Jodie Kieffer, Barbara Levinson, Joe Lutz, Pat Newman, Joy Norr is, Alex Pappas, Nancy Sachs, Jerry Violetta, Linda Wolber
                      Kieffer resigns: Steve Megerle elected.  Behr resigns: Diane Travis elected.
03/09/04      Bruce Able asks to address Board concerning Unit 11 member.
2004             Carolyn Ahlert, Patti English, Sis Gleisinger, Barbara  Levinson, Shirley Levy, Joe Lutz, Steve Megerle, Pat
                      Newman, Joy Norris, Alex Pappas, Fred Pollack, Nancy Sachs, Diane Travis, Jerry Violetta, Linda Wolber
                      Sandy Orr and Larry Klein elected to Board to fill openings left by resignations of Levy and L Wolber
2005             Carolyn Ahlert, Tom Deddens, Patti English, Sis Gleisinger, Carol Greve, Larry Klein, Frank Lichtenberger,
                      Joe Lutz, Steve Megerle, Pat Newman, Potter Orr, Sandy Orr, Alex Pappas, Fred Pollack, Jerry Violetta
                      Elena Hickman elected to replace Gleisinger.   Mike Dickman elected to fulfill Pollack's term.
2006             Carolyn Ahlert, Tom Deddens, Patti English, Carol Greve,  Barbara Levinson, Frank Lichtenberger, Joe Lutz, Steve  Megerly, Jim Myers, Pat Newnan, Potter Orr, Sandy Orr, AlexPappas, Fred Pollack, Jerry Violetta
                      Lichtenberger resigns.  English named President.   Pat Dutson elected to fulfill Lichtenberger's term.
                      Carol Greve resigns (illness); John Burpee elected to replace her.  Violetta resigns; Debbie Cummings elected.
                      Alex Pappas resigns (illness); Everitt Kitchen elected.
2007             Pat Dutson, Patti Engl**ish, Tom Deddens, Mike Lipp, Pat Neuman, Potter Orr, Sandy Orr, Carolyn Ahlert, Mike Purcell, Barb Levinson, Bob VeVerka, Debbie Cummings, Adrienne Netherwood John Burpee & Alex Pappas
07/10/07     Letter received from Sandy Orr ststing decision to resign effective with 2007 election.  She will continue to support for the board & work for the club.
08/14/07     Deddens & Ahlert not running in 2007.  Board to ask other clubs for nominations.
09/11/07     Unanimous approval  of Betty Hurst to fill Sandy Orr’s vacancy.
                       5 candidates running for 5 open Board positions. 
12/10/07     Patti English, John Burpee, Potter Orr, Barb Levinson, Bob VeVerka, Pat Dutson, Debbie Cummings, Pat Newman, Adrienne Netherwood, Everitt Kitchen, Betty Hurst, Mary Clifton, Gayle Keaney, Mike Lipp, Mike Purcell.
                      President: Patti English, VP: Potter Orr, Secretary: Bob VeVerka, Treasurer: Adrienne Netherwood
                      Executive Committee: Officers and Mary Clifton, Mike Purcell & Pat Newman
                      Committee assignments made.
                      Phone Tree distributed for use when center closed due to bad weather etc.
01/08/08     Board members to have comments re new Constitution to VeVerka by end of January..
05/13/08     Jean Sturtevant appointed to fill vacancy left by Mary Clifton.
07/08/08     John Stoppiello filling seat vacated by Pat Dutson.
12/08/08     Patti English, Potter Orr, John Burpee, Mike Purcell, Ev Kitchen, Barb Levinson, Debbie Cummings, Jean Sturtevant, Gayle Keaney, A.J.Stephanie, Adrienne Netherwood, Chris Schwartz, John Stopiello, Mike Lipp, Betty Hurst. 
                      President: Potter Orr, VP: John Burpee, Secretary: Ev Kitchen, Treasurer: Adrienne Netherwood  
04/29/09     Mike Lipp resigns as board member.
07/14/09     Nominating Committee for 2010 slots – Burpee (chair), English, Hurst & Netherwood.
12/07/09     John Burpee, Potter Orr, Barb Levinson, Patrick Hoffman, A.J.Stephanie, Mary Clifton, Gayle Keaney, Chris Schwartz, Debbie Cummings, Everitt Kitchen, Mike Purcell, Jean Sturtevant & John Stopiello.
                      President: Potter Orr, VP: A.J.Stephani, Recording Secretary: Ev Kitchen, Treasurer: Anirudh Pandit, Unit Secretary: Sandy Orr..                   
02/11/97     Board meetings will start at 6:00 pm.
03/21/00     Meetings will now start at 5:30 pm.
03/06/01     Motion approved to change April Board meeting from the 10th to the 3rd because of Columbus Regional.
12/14/02     July Board meeting changed so as to not meet during STaC.
02/11/03     All board meetings will be held on second Tuesday of month. Those members going to Nationals will be excused.
05/16/06     June board meeting changed from 6/13 to 6/6. (Note; these dates are not during summer STaC.)
02/07           None held
04/07           Minutes not located.
11/13/07     Organizational Meeting will be held on December 10 at Iron Horse in Glendale.
12/10/07     Organization Meeting.
Feb 08          No meeting.
June 08        No meeting.
August 10    No meeting.

01/08/08     Discussion
05/13/08     Purcell & VeVerka discussed program. Responsibility transferred to Ed Committee. Purcell to appoint a chair for the program. Purcell requested Promotions Committee create a plan to get people into the program.

10/30/96     A 10 year lease (plus an additional 5 year CBA option) to rent space in property at 2860 Cooper Rd. was approved by the CBA Executive Committee.
01/14/97     Furnishings for new Bridge Center have been purchased with no profit for provider (Wolber).
                      01/14/97   First game at Cooper Road location will be 01/31/97.
01/13/98     Bridge Center Committee has been asked to investigate allocation of lockers. (No follow-up report.)
01/21/99     Motion passed; snack machines banned.
01/13/00     Resolution passed to deny compensation for cleaning by an individual player.
09/12/00     Popcorn may not be served at Bridge Center.
09/12/00     Deschapelles asked to leave Bridge Center in better condition.
01/14/01     Water fountain will be removed from CBC.
02/13/01     Motion passed to purchase Duplimate Machine: Kieffer brought this idea to Board.
03/06/01     Front door of building has been left unlocked overnight.
11/13/01      Ceiling tiles will be replaced by CBA after owner has repaired leaks in ceiling.
12/11/01     Building owner will be informed by letter that the cost of   replacing ceiling tile is his responsibility.
 03/12/02     Locking front door is still a problem.
 06/11/02     Passed motion by Kieffer to add caller information services to telephone.
 07/09/02    Wolber donated tile for kitchen, vending machine/and serving areas.
 07/09/02    Price of vending machine drinks raised from $.50 to $.75.
 10/08/02     $80 donated toward installing tile in kitchen, etc.  Emergency cleaning supplies placed outside womens' restroom.
 03/11/03    Building owner had an illegally parked car towed. The players at the CBC at that time were not notified. Legally that is not necessary.
 06/11/ 03   Fink and P Orr will post a running total of winners in CBC games. Approved; but this ladder system not understood by Board.
 07/08/03    So far 5 cars have been towed. Bunker will negotiate a solution.
 08/12/03    Bunker reports that lease does not give building owner right to have cars that are not parked in back of building towed. He will attempt to negotiate solution to problem.
10/14/03     Evening players have been exiting front door of building after director has locked it, thus unlocking door.
                   Higgins "successfully" discussed parking policy with building manager.
04/13/04     Lutz to investigate retrieving messages from phone system. (No follow-up report.)
06/08/04     New Locks.  Print given to CBA by ACBL Pres. Framed and hung .Plumbing problems persist.
12/06/04     $100 bonus voted for cleaner (Tanya),
01/11/05     Don Etson asked to be BC's "handyman".
02/08/05     Overview of property rental agreement, etc. attached.
05/10/05    Letter from landlord: CBC must stop using microphone during business hours. Lease agreement was checked and CBA feels it is within rights to use intercom. Lutz will speak to Hodash.
05/10/05      Ahlert distributed updated POLICY STATEMENT for USE of the BRIDGE CENTER. (No copy)
06/14/05     Redecorating committee: Etson, Newman, and S Orr.
06/14/05     Smoking room will be permanently closed after redecoration.
12/15/05     Board voted $100 Christmas bonus for cleaner.
12/15/05     P Orr will investigate phone service. (No follow-up reported.)
01/10/06     Dickman appointed to assist Violetta as property manager of CBA.
11/10/06     Lease signed: rent increase approximately 3%.
02/14/06     Keys removed from heat and ac control boxes.
03/14/06     Teaching room named for Allan Bradley. (See Memorials. )
03/14/06     Board approved $20,000 for renovation of Bridge Center.
04/11/06   Approximately $12,000 spent on carpet; painting will cost $ 1000.(John Caster)Ladder purchased; Dickman changed 45 light bulbs throughout bridge center.
06/06/06     Directors asked to not post on walls or pillars.
06/06/06     Unlocked doors are still a problem.
07/11/06  Building owner has been given a Bridge Center schedule for rest of year in order to facilitate buildingmaintenance scheduling.
11/14/06       Mike Lipp is 2007 property manager.
12/04/06     $150 voted as bonus for cleaner; Deschapelles also contributing.
01/09/07     Ice maker to be removed.
03/13/07     100 new card tables ordered for tournament use.
08/14/07     Motion approved to allocate up to $1000 toward soundproofing costs.
09/11/07     Board agrees issue of Facilities Manager needs to be studied & adopted for center but does not belong in Constitution.
11/13/07     Building has new tenant Constant Companions
11/13/07     Cummings requests Dec 9 as ‘clean-up day’.  New shelves to be installed.
                      Motion made to purchase new copier.
12/10/07     New copier purchased.
                      Facilities Manager Klein to have talk with building manager regarding various issues – handicapped stall in bathroomsConstant Companions buses, locking doors etc.
07/08/08     Orr, Netherwood & attorney have advised wording of building lease is appropriate.  English authorized to sign lease.
12/08/08     Approved purchase of fold-down cot.
01/13/09     Approved $200 toward cost o Power Point Projector for education classes.
02/13/09     Approved $250 for screen etc.
10/13/09     Repaving of parking lot completed.  CBA to be billed for prorated cost.
                      Approve up to $500 for installation of projector mount in main classroom.
11/11/09     After months of testing new chairs Board approves reupholstery of grey chairs at a cost of $50-60 each.
09/14/10     Discussion on renting parking spaces adjacent to our parking lot.
10/12/10     Passed motion to not renew cleaning contractor’s contract.  Stephani to talk to Kirkland about possible direct contract with CBC.
11/09/10     Board approved rental of 20 parking spaces from neighbor. Deschappelles to pay cost.

08/14/07     Proposed job description of Facilities Manager distributed for Board review prior to next meeting.
11/13/07     President presented detailed account of responsibilities of Supply Supervisor, Facilities Manager & the CBC Director.  Board approved compensation for Supply Supervisor & Facilities Manager as follows:
                      1 free play/week
                      Free plays at STaC & Regional
                      Debbie Cummings to be Supply Supervisor.
12/10/07     Larry Klein to be Facilties Manager.
12/10/07     Supply Supervisor will order all bridge supplies.
07/13/10     Don Etson will be asked to replace Larry Klein as Facilities Manager.
10/12/10     Mike Lipp to be offered new position of CBC Coordinator (replacing position of CBC Club Manager currently held by Kay Mulford). This position significantly expands responsibilities including some Unit-wide.  Compensation $600 and 52 free plays per year.
11/09/10     Board approves beginning payment to Mike Lipp as CBC Coordinator effective 11/01/10

07/13/99     State of Ohio requires a charter renewal each five years; Hal Norris will continue to be listed as contact.
04/08/08     Agreed any CBA club could use CBC’s duplimate provided they suppl their own cards & boards.  CBC will provide training.

03/11/97     Beginning June 1997 game will start at 7pm.
/10/97         Dyan Vaughn will take over standby chair.
09/02/97     Motion passed to limit psychs to one per game.
10/14/97     Board voted to rescind above motion.
01/13/98     Free entries for first in each direction are eliminated
06/13/ 99    Reid agrees to supply stand-by partners for CBA Monday,   Tuesday, and Wednesday night games.
04/11/00     Kieffer asks Board to pay salary for Monday night game.  Attendance has not been good despite great effort to increase.
02/13/01     Motion passed to have stand-by partner for only Tuesday night game. Stand-by will not pay if playing or will receive a free entry if he does not get to play.
04/03/01     Motion passed by Board to run a game every Friday night, Walter coordinating; Board members are expected to be involved.
03/12/02     Monday night game will be used to promote Mentor Program.
08/13/02     Board raises player fee from $4.50 to $5; suggests directors do the same.
01/14/03     Director of a Tues. game who is forced to cancel because of  too few players will be paid Vi of salary for either open or  novice game.
02/11/03     Board gives Monday night game to Mulford.
06/11/03     Motion passed to allow Wednesday night game to be privately owned.
06/08/04     Motion approved to cancel CBA Tuesday night games during Dayton Regional.
09/13/04     Motion approved: Board members will serve as stand-by for Tues. evening game. Each  serving 3 times a year. Free entry to stand-by.  Deddens excused from this duty.
01/11/05     Board gave Carol Greve Wednesday night game.
01/11/05     Kieffer will discontinue Saturday night and Special Sunday night games; Board will "buy back" these sanctions.
 12/15/05    Mulford appointed Director in Charge of CBA Tuesday evening games.
 12/04/06    Bob Ve Verka will replace Walter as 1st Tuesday director.
12/10/07     Tuesday night standby to be given free game coupon if she/he does not play.
12/08/08     Board agrees to continue as stand-bys for Tuesday night game.
03/10/09     Board approves Apr 7 game & all Sept games as extra points games.
06/08/10     Orr to ask for member volunteers as stand-bys given the dwindling ranks of board members.  Keaney announced in a previous meeting her refusal to continue this chore.

  10/08/96   Game is struggling. $ 40/week to run game is passed. Game could be used as training for new directors.
  02/12/02   Board voted to hold Education series prior to game.  Pollack co-ordinating.
  10/14/03   Board accepted Gleisinger's resignation as Novice Director.
  11/11/03   Tom Deddens appointed to run game.
  02/10/04   Free entry will be given to lecturer. Point range extended to 50.  Stand-by  partner available.
                   Deddens using phone calls and e-mail to encourage players to come to this game.

06/10/97   $2112 raised for Children's Hospital: 28 tables in play thanks to Spitz and Abrahamson.
09/08/98   $1865 raised for Unit Home Care: 20.5 tables in play thanks to Spitz and Abrahamson. Keiffer and Deidisheimer donated directing services for the game.
06/08/99   $1930 raised for Red Cross: 17.5 tables in play.
02/06/01   ACBL returned a portion of CBA's national charity contribution to be given to local charities. CBA designated:
                 American Cancer Society $100 Children's Hospital $Cincinnati Ballet $115   Evendale Police Dept.  $100   Walnut Hills Soup Kitchen  $100
10/09/01    $1370 raised for Salvation Army 9/11 Disaster Fund at game. Additional $1400 donated.
10/12/02   Red, White, and Blue Bash: Vz of "split the pot" will go to ACBL Charity Foundation , winners will get 50, 30, and 20 of remainder.
07/08/03   From ACBL to CBA for local disbursement:    Children's Hospital $100      Evendale Police Dept. $100   Wellness Center $250   Walnut Hills Soup Kitchen  $115    American Cancer Society  $100
11/11/03    $1125 earned for ACBL Charity Foundation for Hospice.
11/11/03    $1000 from District 11 donated to Children's Medical Hospital and Alzheimer Association.
10/12/04    $500 raised for Alzheimer Association at low attended CBA Charity Game.
03/08/05    ACBL will send $351 to Free Store as contribution from CBA.
11/08/05    $2140 donated to Free Store.
11/09/07    $600 donated to Cure for Breast Cancer.
04/08/08    $100 to Constant Companions from Charity Game.

05/14/96   Motion passed that CBA request directors from holding Instant Matchpoint games during Middletown Sectional.
09/10/96   Howard Stifel will manage Wednesday am game.
09/02/97   Wednesday night game transferred from Deidesheimer to Kieffer.
06/13/00    Kieffer  given permission for Sunday night game.
08/08/00    New  game in Springboro run by Sharon Harper.
09/12/00    Swiss team game on 3rd Friday of month. Walter is owner.
10/10/00    Highland game cancelled.
04/03/01    Board members will promote Friday night game; Walter coordinating.
06/12/01    Gleisinger starting game at The Lodge.
08/14/01    New game started at Lake Waynoka and in northern KY.
09/25/01    Friday night game cancelled.
 12/11/01   New game at Senior Citizens in Florence.
 12/11/01   Sardinia game cancelled.
 03/11/03    Motion passed to allow Deschapelles to use CBA supplies as  long as it uses Duplimate machine.
 07/08/03   Don Walker's request to hold Friday night game approved.
01/13/04    Board approved request by Jodie Kieffer to begin a new game  on Sunday afternoon, beginning in Feb.
02/10/04    Springboro game sold to Fred Sigler.
 05/11/04    Motion allowing Kieffer to conduct Saturday night games.
06/08/04    Tuesday night games cancelled during Dayton Regional.   Recommended  that directors do also.
08/10/04     Bill de la Vega is new director and will have Tues. and Wed. evening games in Mason.
 05/10/05    Grieve to start Sunday game which will include M/M strata.
11/08/05     Mulford cancelled Monday night game with no notice.
05/08/07     George is having trouble with team game.  Suggested that Nancy or Kay help him.
12/10/07     $10 food budget & free game approved for MaryLou Zimmer for Tuesday night CBA game.
                      Annease is concerned about Thursday night attendance
05/13/08     VeVerka started directing Monday nights. Will include home-style.
08/11/08     Approved Burpee proposal on psych bids.
09/09/08     Psych bokk placed at front desk.
09/09/08     Approve Mike Lipp Easy Bridge game on Saturday morning & a Wednesday eve game.  Potter Orr club Manager on behalf of these CBA sanctions.
10/14.08      Rob Weidenfeld approved to start Sunday game using CBA’s sanction.
05/10/09     Ad-hoc Extra Points Committee formed consisting of Keaney, Orr, Schwartz & Sturtevant.
08/14/09     Annease Comer to direct Instant Matchpoint Game in September.
01/10/10     Orr will make a list of special unit-wide games that we might consider.
07/13/10     Orr to encourage directors to balance stratifications for better opportunities for less experienced players.

 01/13/98    CBA has adopted ACBL rules of "Zero Tolerance."
 05/08/01    Zero Tolerance Committee has finalized "Player Guidelines" for   directors to read.
 07/10/01    Guidelines made available to players.
 06/11/03    ZT committee person. Bunker, reports that he has handled 25 complaints!
 08/12/03     ZT committee: Bunker, chair; Mulford and Cummings.
 10/14/03     ZT Guidelines attached
11/11/03     Guidelines for tournaments adopted.
10/10/06     Committee: Dickman, Megerle, & Dutson.
05/08/07     Joe Lutz sent letter of apology for behavior at Regional hospitality.
12/10/07     Lipp reported 1 Zero Tolerance incident concerning a Director.  No further action required.
08/14/09     President retains discretion to address situations requiring immediate action & rest of board should be notified asap of any action.  Need for more consistent procedure discussed. 
04/20/10     Clarified that Zero Tolerance/Disciplinary Committee reports do not require board approval.  While it’s actions only apply to CBA games, the board recommended services of committee be made available to all sanction holders.
 02/10/98    Board encourages directors to participate in ACBL  national  events.
 10/12/99    Kieffer elected CBA Director replacing De Lany.
 11/09/99    Board will appoint committee in Jan. 2000 to address need for additional directors. (No later action noted.)
 12/11/01    Use of Duplimate left up to directors.
 02/12/02    Directors reminded to be sure building is locked.
 02/12/02    Directors will be given 8-weeks notice if any ACBL sponsored event will replace their game.
 03/12/02    Any time director uses Duplimate his supplies will be furnished by CBA.
 10/08/02    Game result correction time changed from one week to 24 hours.
 04/08/03    Directors will now pay own ACBL fees and send own monthly reports.
02/10/04     If a club game is preempted for another game, that director will be given first right to direct.
09/13/04     Motion to pay Gleisinger for directing Appreciation Game; Sachs and Pollack to receive Vz  director's fee each.
02/08/05     Committee formed to look into ratings and procedures for directors. (No follow-up reported.)
03/08/05     Motion approved to allow Kieffer to keep current sanctions and to inform her that she may no longer hold games at the Cincinnati Bridge Center.  Letter from  Lutz.
04/12/06     Pollack would like to conduct seminar for directors. Board asked for detailed plans.
07/12/05     Babcock relieved as CBA Director as well as director of Tuesday and Friday night games. Board has received many complaints about directors leaving room not cleaned up. Lutz will write letter to directors.
12/15/05     Newman appointed CBA Director.  Mulford named Head Director for CBA Tuesday evening games.
06/06/06     Dickman and Newman will look into ways to communicate with directors. (No follow-up recorded.)
11/14/06     Board decided that director evaluation be responsibility of VP.
12/04/06     Burpee wrote to each director and teacher asking how Board could help them; poor response.
06/12/07     Board unanimously approves elimination of  Director’s Evaluation Committee.
12/10/07     Kay Mulford will continue as CBA director & will make periodic reports to Board including planned game director appointments.
03/04/08     Director Relations Committee formed – Cummings & Netherwood volunteered. 
08/11/08     Melanie Onnen & Mike Lipp have passed Directors test.
04/21/09     All directors have using facilities have returned signed copies of rental agreement.
                      President Orr directed to communicate to Bob VeVerka that rental of space to him for Monday nights after Dec 2009 is contingent on his conducting from June through November, a regularly scheduled game with a consistent format.
06/10/09     Motion unanimously passed to notify VeVerka that by Aug 15 Board will seek to sublet Monday eve space.
07/14/09     VeVerka has notified board he has transferred his Monday night game to Mike Lipp. Lipp approved by Board as tenant.
07/14/09     Ad-hoc committee formed to review board agreements & relationships with directors – Burpee, Cummings, Levinson & Stephanie (chair).
09/14/10     Motion approved to discontinue CBA rental agreement with Rob Weidenfeld for Sunday afternoons.

10/13/98    Jim Reiman was elected to serve as the District 11 representative to the Board of Trustee of the ACBL.
02/09/99    Bill Higgins and Diane Travis were elected as representatives to District 11. Nancy Sachs is Secretary.
10/12/99    Nancy Sachs elected ACBL 1st Alternate District Director.
01/13/02    Linda Wolber and Jodie Kieffer were elected to represent Unit 124 on District 11 Board. Travis is District VP and Sachs continues as Secretary.
07/09/02    Each Unit in District is limited to four tournaments a year, excluding regionals.
05/13/03    At District 11 Regional (ours) a  2 IMP penalty will be imposed for a ringing cell phone and a 6 IMP penality if phone is answered.
07/10/07     Beth Reid, President of Louisville Bridge Association attended requesting CBA support in her bid for Unit Director for ACBL.
09/11/07     Joyce Penn, nominee for District Director, made presentation.
                      Secret ballots for election of District Director completed by all attending Board Members.  Collected by President for direct mailing to ACBL.
10/12/10     Orr & Purcell to represent CBA at November District meeting. 

  06/11/96    Life Masters who have not paid service fees to the ACBL are still eligible to vote in unit elections and also to hold office in the unit.

 Note: items marked * denote increases in directors' pay for Tuesday CBA games.
07/08/97    Caddy pay increased to $20/session, plus $5 meal allowance if working two sessions.
01/13/98     Passed: Fee for each table at CBC games increased from $4 to $4.50.  This includes $.25 tax to assist funding 2000 NABC
02/10/98     Directors for CBA Tuesday night game will be paid $75 plus $2 a table over 10, retroactive to 01/20/98.
09/14/99     Because the $9 fee charged at the Middletown seemed excessive to the CBA Board, the Board passed a resolution that the fees charged at Regionals, Sectionals, special events/ GNT, and NAOP within Unit 124's domain will be reviewed by the Board.
01/13/00     Entry fee for STaC was reduced from the $8 voted by the CBA Board to $6.50 by the CBA President.
04/11/00     Directors for CBA Tuesday night game will be paid $85 plus $3 a table over 10. Novice director will get $45/game, up from $40.
05/14/02     Motion passed to raise table fees for CBA game from $4.50 to $5. Game owners are encouraged to do the same.
09/10/02      Instant Matchpoint Game Director will be paid same as director of CBA Tuesday eve game. Board voted that only one session of 299er's Tournament needs two directors. Director is paid $125/session.  Finance Committee are reviewing all fees and salaries in order to establish a consistent structure for all CBA events.
08/12/03     Caddies at sectional and STaC will be paid $25/session plus an  $8 meal allowance if working two sessions.
12/15/05     Board considering increase in annual membership fees. !!!!!!
03/14/06     Board approved raising table fees from $9 to $11. (for directors ???)
05/16/06     Directors for CBA Tuesday night game will be paid $90 plus $3 a table over 10. Associate director will get $70.
12/10/07     Approved $300 Holiday bonus for Tonya.
08/11/08     $1 surcharge for Louisville National for 1 week.

06/11/96    New schedule for compensation to officers and volunteers passed. (Copy included)
08/13/96    Bill Higgins appointed chair of Capital Fund Drive.
03/11/97    $107,500 spent on new bridge center, including legal fees.
04/08/97    Latest report on CFD: $55,300.
05/13/97    CBA will file form 990 as a non-profit organization May 15,1997 and will also file 990s back to 1992.
10/14/97    IRS has fined CBA $5500 as a result of late filings.
12/08/97    Motion passed to tax $.25 per CBA games to raise money for 2000 Cincinnati National. Directors encouraged to follow.
01/13/98    Computer fees for directors eliminated,
07/22/98    Executive Committee accepted settlement of $25,000 plus rent deposit of $2,203 from Suburban Federal Savings Bank.  Attorney Vorhees will receive $8,250 of settlement, less $2000  retainer fee paid on 09/16/1996.
01/21/99    Voucher system for CBA expenses explained to the new Board   members. (????)
01/21/99    Common area fees are 1/3 of cost, based on area of  building the CBA occupies.
03/09/99    Accountant paid $710 for helping CBA catch up on 7 years of  unfiled tax returns ( no $ owed) and avoid IRS penalty.
11/09/99    Directors must separate requests for payment of other services from bill for directing.
02/08/00    Table tax for NABC is cancelled; however, directors may continue to charge players, thus gaining income.
04/03/00    Review of Sectional tournaments from 2/94 through 10/99 showing total tables, total receipts, total ACBL costs, CBA costs, expenses, and net gain presented to Board.
12/12/00    Gift certificates for games at Bridge Center can be purchased from Executive Secretary at game cost.
06/12/01    Audit committee of H Norris and Joe Muenks appointed.
02/10/04    CBA now classified as sales tax exempt: Higgins
02/08/05    The ACBL will not accept points from a director's game if that director is in arrears for sanction fees. P Orr contacted ACBL for the Board for this information.  
                   Lease review questions who is responsible for reviewing CAM charges.
01/10/06     Rent increase will be approx. 3%. See minutes of each year for detailed financial reports, plus year end summaries. Also see ALERT.
01/09/07     Potter Orr reported a $35 profit for 2006 & explained change in accounting method reflecting higher revenue of  $22822.
09/11/07     Treasurer Netherwood reported change in financial reports presentation – Net Income for tournaments to be included as separate line item.
05/13/08     Dorothy Gard donated $50 to Ed Committee & $500 for new cards.
07/08/08     Approve $60/month bonus for Kirkland (cleaning person).
08/11/08     $500 donation from Deschapelles. (Regional?)
09/09/08     Shameroy Fund to accrue interest earned.
10/14/08     Netherwood to prepare 1099’s for Directors 2008 compensation.
                      Approved $20 increase for Tom Deddens since he is now a certified director.
12/08/08     $400 holiday bonus approved for Tanya Kirkland, cleaner.
02/13/09     Treasurer report for 2008 Net Income decreased by $2834 over 2007 mainly due to increase in bridge supplies.
05/10/09     Ad-hoc Financial Planning Committee formed. Chair Orr, Burpee, Netherwood & Keaney
09/15/09     Anirudh Pandit appointed Treasurer beginning in 2010.
12/0709       $500 bonus approved for cleaner Tanya Kirkland.
02/16/10     2009 Financial Statements presented.
                      Adrienne Netherwood, former treasurer, reported that for the 1st time 1099s were sent to directors paid $600+ during 2009… this is in compliance with IRS regs.
                      Approved subsidy of $250 to each GNT team qualified for the Nationals.  This will be matched by the district.
07/13/10     Audit Committee of Gayle Keaney & Patrick Hoffman.
                      Ad-Hoc Committee  of Keaney, Schwartz, Levinson & Cummings to study ways to spend CBA funds for benefit of membership.
                      Single-type free play coupon – Or to check on logistics.
11/09/10     Provisional 9/30/10 financials provided.

02/13/96     Barbara Levinson will be in charge.
07/08/97     Board passed hosting NAOP District Finals 02/7&8/98 and GNT Finals 04/25&26/98.
01/21/99     Profit from December NAOP was $772.
11/12/02     21- tables competed in NAOP Unit finals. Profit: $736.
06/11/03     For 2003 motion passed to pay District 11 $6.00 per table for GNT, not the $8.00 District requested up from $4.00.  Motion passed to charge $7.00 for NAOP.
09/09/03     NAOP had 17 tables with profit of $512.
02/10/04     GNT on 2/7&8 attracted only 20 tables.
05/13/04     ACBL has eliminated Unit Finals for NAOP.
01/11/05     Betty Mattison heads GNT for District.   $500 will be given to winning team, if it participates at National
 02/14/05     Again questioned use of word "final" in GNT publicity. Very poor turnout.  (Super Bowl weekend )
01/08/08     GNT on Feb 2-3, headed by Barb Levinson
11/15/08     NAP at Sectional – 40 tables.
04/21/09     Approve $300 toward expenses to each of the 2 teams from unit who won the Jan GNT qualifier.
09/15/09     33 NAP qualifier games held this year.  Concern expressed about possibly excessive # of extra cost games.
09/15/09     2010 NAP awarded to CBA.
12/07/09     Passed motion to submit for 2010 NAP with fees at about 5% higher than 2009.  Adjustment to fees to be made as deemed justified by Treasurer & Sectional Chair.
01/10/10     District has received our proposal for 2010 NAP.  Should be acted on at the District meeting in Indianapolis.
03/09/10     Orr reported that CBA’s proposal for NAP was accepted by the district.
04/20/10     NAP coordinator at Sectional is Chris Schwartz.
10/12/10     Orr & Purcell asked to confirm that District is awarding 2011 NAP to CBA.
11/09/10     2011 NAP has been awarded to CBA

 1997    Party held at Bridge Center; beer and wine included in ticket   price. New Life Masters are guests of CBA. (Free entry)   30 tables - cost CBA $1482
 1998    Party will be held at Sharonville Convention Center. Cost to   CBA was $1,682.
 1999    Location not reported; 30 tables in play; ticket cost, $15; cost to CBA, $3615.
 2001       Party held at Kenwood Country Club. Some CBA members did   not dress according to KCC standards, the CC complained.
  2002      Party held at Kenwood Country Club; dinner cost $29 while CBA   charged $20/person; as usual, new Life Masters are guests and   there is no charge for their meals.
 2003        Kenwood Country Club; tickets for members were $30, CBA   absorbing $3 additional cost and bridge game costs.
 02/10/04    New Life Masters will no longer be recognized at Holiday Party   but at an Awards Party in spring.
 10/12/04    Board voted to allow spouses of winners to play at Holiday   Party. Cost of dinner is $31.61; CBA will subsidize $.61.    Kenwood Valet Service is charging fee of $75.
 11/11/04    Lichtenberger and Lipp given free dinners for transportation   and set-up at Holiday party.
  02/08/05   Paid directors will be responsible for HP set up.
  09/15/05   Board voted to subsidize $11 for ticket. Ticket cost will be only   $20!
 11/14/06    Board agreed not to hold the TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY PARTY in   2007. All awards will be given at a March party at Bridge   Center.
                    Board will hold organization meeting at restaurant.
07/10/07     Holiday Party to be held December 16.
09/11/07     Holiday Party to be held at center.  $20 per person.
12/10/07     Board to provide desserts.  For 2008 we will price cost of Kenwood CC & determine if membership will support cost increase.
04/08/08     Scheduled for December 10 with Melanie Onnen organizing.
10/14/08     Dec 8 Holiday Party scheduled.
08/18/09     December 9 at Center.
09/15/09     $25 (includes entry fpe) for buffet.  Board supplies desserts.
12/07/09     Report 106 tickets sold.
10/12/10     Chris Schwartz to chair event to be held Dec 8 at the bridge center.
11/09/10     Board agrees to $25 ticket (including play), agrees to pay director & authorizes 10 free plays.

            See attached copy.
08/14/07     Re: incident of chair hitting Carol Berlient, liability policy covers if claim made.  $1 million covereage.

02/13/96     Bridge books have been donated to CBA; Board is considering a lending library.
05/14/96     Books donated from Bernice Lipsich estate.
07/10/96     Board authorizes $100 to purchase TWO bookcases.
02/11/97     Abrahamson setting up library. Bookcases still needed.
03/11/97     Still no bookcases.  Library committee working on borrowing procedure.
 10/14/97    Proceeds from sale of Entertainment Books will be used to purchase books.
 04/14/98    Library will be open, and Higgins in charge of organizing.
 05/12/98    Board approved $500 for purchase of library books.
 03/21/00    Donation of Dan German's collection from Rose German.
 04/11/00    Board approved purchase of library bookcase. (Cost $800 )
 12/11/01    Books donated from Cleda Buck's estate.
 03/11/03    Jon Spinner requested memorials sent to CBA.  Spinner Fund of  $810 will be "set aside" in budget as a
                    different  asset.
 04/08/03    Total of $810 in Spinner Fund.  Records of purchases will be kept.
 12/10/03    Spinner Fund is now $900; this includes profit from sale of Entertainment Books. $185 spent on books.
 02/10/04    Motion approved: all profit from Entertainment Books will be put in Library Fund.
 08/10/03    New bookcase arrived damaged. (Lichtenberger and Britt will repair.)
05/08/07     Barb Levinson to help Chair Gayle Keaney.
06/12/07     Board approved $350 budget for year.
03/04/08     $350 budget for 2008 approved.
02/13/09     $250 budget for 2009 approved.
04/20/10     $350 budget for 2010 approved.

 03/10/98    Motion passed to allow two members of Unit 124 to transfer to the Dayton Unit which has games much nearer their home.
 04/14/98    Board approved allowing players from zip 45066 to choose between Cincinnati and Dayton Units.
 05/12/98    Bruce Parent writes for ALERT and MIDWEST MONITOR about   loss of Tiger Morris.
 03/09/99    ACBL has imposed excessive membership requirements on   units.  Liasons to all outlying clubs set up.
 07/13/99    Board approves sending a free game at Bridge Center along with a membership packet to all new and transferring members.  Not to snowbirds.
 10/12/99    Free game tickets need to have recipient's name on ticket; also, " not transferable" has to be printed on ticket.
 1/13/00     ACBL rescinded threats to units who did not comply with membership requirements. Unit 124 did.
 08/08/00    Survey sent to all members generated no Board action. Survey results are included in appendix.
 03/06/01    Mary Segal will form committee to address partership needs.  Committee  to report to Board in April.
 04/03/01    Next issue of ALERT will contain article explaining new partnership program,
 10/09/01    Edminsons have designed sympathy card to be sent to members; J Norris coordinating. Postage, thanks to Edminsons.
 09/10/02    Kieffer is publishing monthly newsletter for CBC players. (OK one issue.)
 08/08/03    Dorothy Slaughter is CBA's "Goodwill Person". She reported that she sends 8 to 10 cards a month, follows up with a phone  call and passes a second card around at BC.
 07/11/06    Retention of new members in Unit 124 is very strong.
 08/08/06    Myers replaces Grieve as Membership chair.
08/14/07     Dutson agrees to be member relations manager.
01/09/07     Directory to be distributer at STaC
03/04.08      Burpee preparing welcoming packet for new club members.
03/04/08     Member Services Committee approved.

 Jon Spinner (See Library)
 Jane Sabin - Jane Sabin's donation to CBA will be used to enhance kitchen area of CBC.
 Allan Bradley - Allan left the CBA $30,000 plus 70 books. In appreciation   the Board voted on 03/14/06 to name the teaching room in his honor.
10/10/06     Steve Shamroy Using funds presented to CBA in Steve's memory, the Board agreed to have a semi-annual
                  tournament for 50- players. Four winners will each be awarded a $75 scholarship for lessons at the Bridge Center.
11/09/10     Concensus reached that Shamroy Fund be more broadly utilized

 02/10/98    Requirements for Mentorees: membership in ACBL with fewer than 100 MPs.
 1999         55 pairs
 2001         58 pairs   2002       70 pairs
2003          84 pairs
                  Chairman's report and many suggestions are included with 10/03 minutes.
 2005          65 pairs
08/11/08     Free games Aug 18 & Sept 8.  Finale Oct 2. 
03/10/09     Board approves inclusion of free games for Mentor/Mentees in 2009 program. Betty Hurst Chair.
05/10/09     2009 Kickoff is May 14. 
06/10/09     88 M/M teams
10/13/09     M/M 2009 cost reported at about $200.
03/09/10     M/M games to be 5/13, 6/10, 7/1, 8/12 & 9/9.  Middle 3 games will be free to M/Ms.  

 04/12/05    Jim Myers now will write for this publication.
11/15/08     Motion passed supporting quarterly assessment of $425.  Amount follows formula based on size of club.  Additionally we pay for tournament ads.
04/21/09     Mailing of Monitor untimely for 2009 Regional
05/18/10     Board agreed to accept subsidy raise to $4K annually (up from $2K).  Increase is due to cost of higher quality printing etc.  Board discussed lack of timely mailing and quality of content.
09/14/10     Mary Clifton volunteers to staff MM for our unit, replacing a retiring John Burpee.

               June (1/2)1998
               July 1998
               August 1998
               December 1998

 07/16/96    Motion passed to host spring NABC in 2000.
 09/10/96    Cincinnati no longer considered site for spring 2000 NABC.
12/10/96    Firm decision, Cincinnati will host spring 2000 NABC.
 04/08/97    Patty Eber has accepted chairmanship of 2000 Nationals.
 05/09/00    Profit of $41,000
 07/11/00    Board is returning $10,000 to District 11.
 09/12/00    Final profit: $31,932. Complete financial report included in minutes.

 01/09/96    Diane Travis chairs committee of Kendall and Recob to promote  N/I activity.
 02/13/96    Starting April 96 CBA will present a lecture prior to Thursday night game.
 02/13/96    Board passed a $1 Sunday game to attract new players.
 07/16/96    Travis will coordinate Tuesday night novice lectures.
 09/10/96    199 Tournament: 89.5 tables with $1224 proceeds.
 10/14/97    199 Tournament: 82.5 tables with -@
 09/14/99    299 Tournament: 91 tables with proceeds of $1864 which will be used for N/I registral gifts at 2000 NABC.
 05/08/01    299 Tournament: 51.5 tables with $612 proceeds.
 09/11/01    Poor attendance at 299 Tournament reported.
  10/08/02    299 Tournament: 36.5 tables.
 08/13/03    Details for upcoming 299 tournament approved by Board.
 03/09/04    N/I shall henceforth be called Newcomers.

07/10/07     Report of Planning Committee Chair Sandy Orr & members Frank Lichtenberger & Bill Higgins & Jerry Fink. Questions persist re relationship of CBA & CBC particularly as they permeate Constitution & By-Laws (review/revamp of which is included in project).  VeVerka asked Committee to list changes made.  English to poll Board regarding interest in continuing project.     
08/14/07     Board unanimously defeats motion ????????????????????
10/09/07     Special meeting date to be set within next 3 months for discussion & review of  proposed changes  to Constitution.  Bob VeVerka to organize.
11/13/07     Constitution Workshop December 5 at 6pm.
12/10/07     9 Trustees attended Constitution Workshop and agreed on draft of new Constitution to be sent to ACBL for approval and then voted upon by membership at annual meeting 2008.
04/08/08     ACBL (with Steve Megerle’s concurrence) provided proposed changes to proposed new constitution.  Board approved as modified by ACBL.  It is to be posted on website & 2 meetings are to be scheduled for members to ask questions.
07/08/08     Constitution informational meetings scheduled for October 16 & 20 at 10 a.m. & 21 at 6 p.m.
01/13/09     Burpee supplies printed process for establishing policies & procedures.
05/12/09     Free Plays Policy & Proceedure adopted.
12/07/09     Booklet containing Policies & Proceedures & Job Descriptions distributed.
03/09/10     P & P manual will be available to any member requests but will not be posted on the website.

 01/13/02     Enquirer has cut Mike Oechsler column to one day/week. Members are requested to complain.
 05/13/03     Mulford volunteered to be CBA publicity chairperson.
 08/10/04     Unit Growth Seminar offered by ACBL will be held 09/19/04; Lichtenberger is coordinating.
 06/06/06     Directors asked not to post on walls and pillars, to use only the white bulletin board.
                    Dutson asked to do publicity.
 08/08/06     The Board of Trustees for Unit 124 of the ACBL decided to focus  promotion programs on games at the CBC  rather that the  whole Unit.
 10/10/06     Board voted to send survey to only dues paying members of CBA (sic).
 11/14/06     Board approved $4000 promotional budget for 2007 Regional.
05/08/07     John Burpee discussed booth CBA to have at Senior Expo.
07/10/07     Attempts to attract students throught Senior Expo unsuccessful.
11/13/07     John Burpee gave overview of Committee responsibilities & presented organizational plan.
11/09/10     Stephanie Richardson & Sharon Kreitzer to assume co-chair of Publicity Committee

 02/13/96    US Playing Card will sponsor upcoming Regional donating 1000 decks of antique cards for section-top prizes.
 03/12/96    Security is to be specifically included in any contract for  tournament rental space.
 07/16/96    Problems noted at Regional:
                        Senior events which started earlier than other games were disturbed when other games started.
                         Congestion at prize desk - more volunteers needed.
 10/08/96    ACBL requested CBA to "jointly chair" 1998 Regional with ABA.
 07/08/97    Cincinnati offered second Regional for 1998 because Indianapolis could not find sufficient lodging; this, to be in October. Board passed motion to accept offer. Sharonville CC   booked.
 03/10/98    At 1997 Regional womens ' swiss and pairs were poorly attended.
                    ABA attendance was much lower than anticipated. (ABA tournament in Detroit)
 10/13/98    Table count: 1147 with $7500 profit.
 01/13/02    2001 Regional generated over $9500 profit.
 01/14/03    Players with 0-5 points will be given free entry at 199 game on Sat, May 3 at Regional.
 02/11/03    The CBA will honor Norm Coombs who has achieved Grand Life Master rank  with over 15,000 Masterpoints with a gift of three free nights at Signature Inn and will hold reception for him during Regional.
 03/11/03    Invitations by Norris sent for reception for Coombs at tournament.
 04/08/03    Motion to charge $11 at Regional passed.   Updated Tournament Practices and Compensation Policies
                    approved. See Appendix.
 05/13/03    1200 tables, expected profit of $10,000.
08/12/03     Regional head caddy will be paid $100 in addition to regular salary
 05/11/04    2004 Regional: fewer tables, profit noted in Sept. - $8500   Concession quota not met on any day.
 05/10/05    2005 Regional: table count down 96
 06/14/05     "   "     Profit only $5000 due to bill for coffee and lack of meeting hair is pursuing Princeton HS Key Club for caddies.   Promotional budget is $4000.: this is in line with other Regionals
04/11/06     Motion approved to charge $12 at Regional
05/13/08     Preliminary profit $18858.  Results of survey positive & favorable.
03/10/09     Burpee reported on Bridge Bulletin, Midwest Monitor & Flyer ads.
04/21/09     2010 Chair to be Patti English.  Sandy Orr as stand-by. 
                      Dayton scheduled Sectional for directly before our Regional.  Orr to bring up topic at District Meeting.
05/12/09     2009 Regional netted ~$13000.  Table count down 155 (~14%) in line with other Regionals.
                      Board directs Orr to request District adopt a policy of not scheduling any Sectional within 2 weeks of any district Regional. 
07/14/09     Adopt schedule for 2010 Regional as presented by English.
09/15/09     Report that District took no action on our request to limit timing of Sectionals/Regionals.
04/20/10     Caddy fees to be $30.  Bonuses at Chair’s discretion.
06/08/10     Sharonville Convention Center charge for 2010 will be the same as 2009.
                      Regional attendance was up over 2009.  1183 vs 1068.
11/09/10     Regional dates were approved by board fro 2011-2015 with 1-2 weeks between it & Gatlinburg
  07/09/02    Sanctions for Sectionals must be submitted to ACBL one year in advance; for Regionals, two years in advance.   Sanctions now will be made on line.
08/11/08     English reports sending a letter expressing concern over Gary Fan’s request to start a game at NKY airport.
                      2 sanctions assumed to be Annease’s & VeVerka’s are actually Mulford’s.
09/09/08     Club Managers:
                      Monday day – Pat Newman
                      Monday eve – Bob VeVerka (Homestyle & Open)
                      Tuesday day – Annease Comer
                      Tuesday eve – CBA
                      Wednesday day Homestyle – Kay Mulford
                      Wednesdasy eve – CBA
                      Thursday day – Agnes Delancy
                      Thursday eve – Annease Comer ( Open & Novice)
                      Friday day – Kay Mulford
                      Friday eve – CBA
                      Saturday morn – Mike Lipp has applied
                      Saturday day – Annease Comer
                      Sunday day – CBA
01/13/09     Sanction for Sunday game held by CBA transferred to Rob Weidenfeld, stipulating it can be revoked for cause.  Also, Board retains right to approve/reject choice of new director if sanction is transferred to a new director.
06/10/09     Board moves to notify VeVerka re subletting of space on Monday evenings
06/08/10     All sanctioned directors have returned signed rental agreements.
10/12/10     Mike Lipp is obtaining a sanction for Sunday afternoons.  Board will rent space to Lipp for at least 6 months.

  03/10/98    Board says Middletown Sectional reports on attendance and finances should be made to CBA treasurer.
  04/13/99    262 tables, $482 profit
  07/13/99    265 tables, poor  participation from 199ers.
  10/12/99    220 tables, $1000 profit
  10/11/02    260 tables, 50 NAOP players
  11/11/03    Players were given a $1.00 food coupon at Sectional.  Sharonville Convention Center added a 20% gratuity and calculated tax on total. The total cost, therefore, was $845 to the CBA.
  04/08/03    Updated Tournament Practices and Compensation Policies Guidelines approved by Board. See Appendix.
  07/13/04    Sectional will be a 4 day event with Sunday for NAP only: Newman.
  08/10/04    CBA will rent space in the front of CBC building for upcoming sectional.
  11/09/04    Newman recommended that CBA never again rent building space. These were the problems;
                    roof leaked.   Air conditioning was inadequate.  Not enough playing space. Inadequate  parking.
  08/08/06    Board decided to provide water at upcoming tournament and that the concession stand should be open 8 hours each day.
08/14/07     Jane Burpee presented budget for fall Sectional.  Board election to be included.
11/13/07     Jane Brupee reports $1400 profit for 2007 Sectional.
12/10/07     2007 revised profit of $1742.
                      UAW Hall 647 on Reading Road to be site of 2008-2010 Sectionals.  Cost $1350/day (3days)
11/15/08     Profit of $556.50.  240.5 tables.
07/14/09     2009 entry fee approved at $8.
09/15/09     Suggestion made at District meeting that we consider moving 2010 Sectional/NAP to September.
11/11/09     $500+ profit reported for 2009 Sectional.
12/07/09     Approve  lease with UAW for 2010 tournament.
04/20/10     ACBL had approved Oct 29-31 dates for Sectional.  Entry fee will be $8 ($20 for Sunday includes lunch).
09/14/10     UAW Hall available for same price ($4050) for 2011 if we provide notice by year end.
11/09/10     Sectional dates were approved by board for 2011-2015.  Dates are at least 1 week prior to Louisville Regional.
 01/14/97    Free game 02/16 at new Bridge Center honoring Capital Fund contributors.
 11/11/97    Kieffer will hold New Years Eve Party at Bridge Center. Alcohol may be served.
 02/12/02    A World Wide Pairs Game is scheduled during STaC. Board voted that WWP should be held if attendance is three or more tables.
 02/12/02    A Goodwill-Membership Pot Luck and Game, free to players, will be held in Aug. Kieffer directing for free. (26.5 tables)
 04/08/03    Team match with Dayton scheduled: Hickman, chair
 07/08/03    Requirements to play in Membership Appreciation Game:  ACBL membership plus attendance at four or more games at  Cincinnati Bridge Center.
 02/10/04    Motion approved to hire a caddy for any special game of two or more sessions and director has to make up hands.
 11/09/04    Ahlert,Newman,and Pollack are committee to determine dates for 2005 bridge activities.
                    Dayton Challenge Match - Good work by Pollack
 09/15/05    Hickman recommends eliminating Dayton Match.
 02/14/06    $700 allocated for Awards - Membership Appreciation Night,  Board indicated that (as always) only first place winners of Ace of Clubs and Mini McKenney be recognized. Committee of  Levinson, DicKman, Violetta, and English.
08/08/06   Board will have game on 9/12 honoring Matt Granovetter for his recent world championship.
02/16/10     Schedule of special games was approved including Charity games, International Fund games, NAP qualifying games, Louisville National Fund, Instant Match point, Jane Johnson club appreciation game.
03/09/10     Middletown Sectional will be last weekend in Aug &  is returning to Union Hall at I75& rt 63.
05/18/10     Louisville National.  Week of 8/31-9/6 will charge extra $1 entry fee to support the game. 
09/14/10     Middletown Sectional reported increased table count to 214.5.
10/12/10     Agreed to ask Comers to conduct 2010 Instant Matchpoint Game on a Wednesday.

03/12/02   Board approved getting a temporary phone line during STaC.
08/12/02   District 11 will hold two STaCs yearly. Dayton will host in January and Cincinnati will host prior to or just after summer Nationals.
11/12/02    Discussion about STaC expenses and compensation resulted in motion that Board be given a written analysis of STaC financial structure before decision made (Included in 2002 minutes.)
12/14/02    Board approved changing STaC directors' fee from $13 to $10.50/table.
04/08/03    Updated Tournament Practices and Compensation Policies accepted by Board. See Appendix.
08/13/03    Net income from 03 summer  STaC is $3153.
01/13/04    Board voted to allow $33 per game for refreshments.
03/09/04    Board recommended that all games start at 1 and 7pm.
08/10/04    Profit from recent STaC is $1500 with 263 tables (at CBC ?), 22 clubs participated. Committee of Megerle, Higgins, and Ahlert appointed to study STaC finances.
09/13/04    STaC profit amended to $1000.
10/12/04    Final STaC profit,  $1377.
06/14/05    Charge $8, extra dollar amount going to our club; Ahlert
07/11/06    Profit from STaC, $3279 (reported in Aug), 261 tables at CBC,  987  total tables. Motion passed to advertize fee for STaC games while still leaving responsibility with individual directors. One director charged more to players at recent STaC than the advertized price.
05/08/07     Entry fee raised to $9.  1st place N/S & E/W to get free entry card.
06/12/07     Recommend all club owners follow CBA lead in awarding free entries to 1st place winners.
08/14/07     Ahlert reports $4000 made on July STaC
05/13/08     Entry fee lowered to $8, one-time promotion as goodwill gesture.  All agreed July 4 game not wise. $30 for snacks allocated for each CBA run game. Potter will work out fees to be paid to Directors.
07/08/08     2008 didn’t do so well – perhaps due to 4th of July.
11/15/08     Debbie Cummings to be Chasir of Jan 2009 STaC.  Entry fee will be $8.

02/13/96   Higgins is equipment chairman for tournament.
04/09/96    70 bidding boxes for tournament use only bought at $20ea. $100 allocated for bookcases.
10/08/96    CBA will purchase 3 sets of boards with cases.
11/11/97   Time clock purchased for $315.
04/14/98   Approved purchase of 80 bidding boxes and 40 card refills for $220.
01/12/00   Bulletin board donated by Philip Cohen (Lois Cohen's son).
07/11/00   Another ice maker purchased.
08/08/00   Library cabinet purchased for $588.
09/12/00   Vacuum cleaner purchased for $250.
03/06/01    Fillers missing from bidding boxes.
07/10/01   Purchase of boards and etc. approved with the stipulation that CBA does not use ACBL tournament supplies that cost $l/table.
08/14/01    New printer and copy machine purchased.
02/10/04    Motion approved to purchase new coffee pot, not to exceed $100.
04/13/04    50 chairs purchased.
07/ 13/04   38"x 38" card tables purchased at $49 each-$1400.
09/13/04    Motion passed to purchase new Duplimate and 500 decks of cards.
10/12/04    Motion passed allocating $1000 to purchase another ice machine.
11/09/04    S Megerle is in charge of copy machine.
12/16/04    Megerle is in charge only for paper for machine.
02/08/05    Duplimate purchased and 648 (corrected 3/05) decks of cards for $5472.
05/08/05    Name badges can be purchased for $3.00 from Carol Grieve.
08/16/05    New compressor and computer purchased.
01/10/06    Approved purchase of 24 bid box fillers for $744. (????) The tip of each one club card will be protected with clear tape.   (Pappas)
05/16/06    Building committee may spend .without Board approval, up to $250.
06/06/06    Lipp will refill cartridges for copier.
09/12/06    New copier will be purchased.
10/09/07     Both duplimates to be refurbished for a fee of $300 each plus parts & shipping.
06/08/10     Unanimous approval for 30 day trial of Bridgemate Electronic Scoring Devices.
10/12/10     Approved purchase of 40 tables worth of electronic scoring equipment.
01/09/07     Pat Dutson reviewed survey… 3 areas of focus: Facility, Unfriendly Competition & Partnerships. To be posted on website.

 05/14/96    Free bridge lessons will be offered Friday and Saturday afternoons at Regional.
 05/13/97    Motion granting Fred Pollack use of CBC to teach two series of  five advanced bridge lessons. Also permission to advertize in the  ALERT.
 06/10/97    CBA donated $150 to send Dan Kieffer to a bridge camp in Italy.
 OS/11/97    Board recognized that it must not allow classes to be held at the same time of a game at the Bridge Center.
 02/10/98    Rick Magnus would like CBA's support for a Cincinnati Inter- scholastic Championship under his direction.
 03/10/98    Motion passed to give Magnus $200 seed money for CIC program.
 06/09/98    Magnus is working on CIC program with mailings and collection of decks of cards. (No follow-up.)
 08/10/99    Board will permit Marvin Comer to use CBC on Sundays for EZ Bridge classes. The program must be run precisely as outlined by ACBL and CBA Education Committee. (Not included.)  Board reviewed Policy Statement for Teaching at the Bridge Center. (August 1994, included)
 01/13/00    Board approved invitation to Audrey Grant to speak at CBC on 02/01/00 in advance of the Nationals.  Note: huge success.
 11/08/05     Board approved raising fee to $1.50/person/session for teachers using CBC for classes.
                    Approved Matthew Granovetter to teach at CBC; he may post fliers.
11/14/06     In 2007  teacher evaluation will be responsibility of the Vice President.
01/09/07     Board agreed to larger ads in strategic community press papers.
05/08/07     Linda Wolber & Nancy Sachs resign. Expressed concern that Matt Granovetter did not pay appropriate fees (not so).  Board expressed no intention of favoring one teacher over another.  Sachs said she is losing $ teaching bridge & does not want to teach at the center any more.  She declined to discuss the situation further.
06/12/07     Chair Mike Purcell sent letter to Sachs & Wolber thanking them for past contribution.
07/10/07     Rob Weidenfeld attended expressing his opinions and asking questions re Sachs & Wolber decision to resign.
07/10/07     Mike Purcell presented recommendations. Board disagrees with recommendation to eliminate lesson table fee.
                       Board agrees all lessons to be arranged by an Education Committee which Mike will organize.
                      Attempts to attract students at Senior Expo unsuccessful. VeVerka recommends that  newspaper ads  be postponed.
08/14/07     Purcell reports ads will appear in Suburban Press.
                      Board agrees to honor Sachs & Wobler at Spring Awards Banquet.
09/11/07     Bridge classes are starting with Bob VeVerka, Rob Weidenfeld & Linda Wolber. Agreed to provide new students with free play.
                      Netherwood distributed her letter to Sachs & Wolber re table fees issues.
01/08/08     There will be 3 ads prom rossover & co-ordination between Education & Promotions Committees.  
                      Bridge Buddies discussed.   
03/04/08     VeVerka reported 11 of  20 students have buddies & have begun playing at center.
07/08/08     Purcell to be Partnership Chair as outlined in Educational Initiatives report.    
08/11/08     Lipp to chair Partnership Committee.               
09/09/08     Purcell discussed Education proposal & modification to fee structure.  VeVerka suggested contrsctor/employee
                      Potential problem.  English to check with lawyer.
10/14/08     Purcell reviewd changes to his proposal & guideline for teachers.  Board approved all except #6 Rent to CBA.
11/15/08     Burpee provided writeup about promo support for Ed classes
                      Board approved class schedules for 1st qtr 2009 for Sachs, Wolber & Weidenfeld.
12/08/08     Mike Purcell appointed Chair of Education Committee.
                      Board approves Room Rental Fees of $5/session when less than 6 students, $10 otherwise.
                      Board approves $1400 expenditure for Enquirer ads in Jan 09.  2 dissenting votes.
01/13/09     4 ads running for classes being funded 75% by ACBL
                      Discussion of Veverka classes.
02/13/09     Ed Committee tabled intent to require continuation of classes as condition of teaching beginner classes
03/10/09     Burpee reports $750 paid by ACBL on ads in Jan.  Our cost $1400.
                      Board oks free plays be provided to students completing initial courses taught by Sachs.
06/10/09     Nancy Sachs to move a class to the center.
08/18/09     Approved placement of 8 september ads for classes in Cincinnati Enquirer.
09/15/09     Report 50% less response from Enquirer ads… may be due to placement in business section.
11/11/09     Motion that CBA exclusively promote & rent space to Sachs, Wolber & Weidenfeld for N/I classes failed.
02/10/10     Report on problems in advertising for classes starting at different times
03/09/10     Report continue to use Buy 1/Get 1 free ads with Enquirer.
10/12/10     Board approves 3 free plays for attendees at beginner classes.

10/13/98     Bob Ve Verka presented Board with plans for a Unit 124 web site.
02/12/02     Bridge Center game results and also hand records are now available on web; thanks to Bill Bohmer and
                   Ve Verka.
04/13/04     Potter Orr is taking over web site responsibility. Ve Verka given 10 free entries in appreciation of web site work
06/12/07      Bob VeVerka to back up webmaster Orr.               
10/14/08    Membership committee dissolved.
11/15/08     New Constitution approved by 97% of voting members.
02/13/09     Motion passed giving Ed Committee authority to approve (only) teachers & classes.  Authority to disapprove same to reside solely with the Board.