The meeting was called to order shortly after 5:00 PM.

 Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as sent.

 Communication - Steve Moese reported that he had not received all the expected NAP date responses from the sanction holders.  However, he would go ahead and publish what he had received.

Comer Committee - John Meinking has continued to talk to the Comers about buying their sanctions.  The board voted to negotiate and hope to settle before the Cincinnati Regional. If not accomplished, other options would be considered.

 Long Term Relationship between the CBC (physical location) and CBA (Unit 124). - AJ reported that most unit boards that he talked to only meet about 4 times a year whereas ours is monthly. He looked at, categorized and numbered the items from the list of possible CBA/CBC models made at the May board meeting. We then discussed what we saw as ongoing and which items we should eliminate. They are:

1) Spinoff CBC as distinct legal entity w/ interested parties as stakeholders
2) Privatize CBC operations as a whole though sale or lease
3) Wait until 2017 CBC lease expiration and let chips fall
4) “Splinter” option (by seeding several privately-owned clubs)
5) Hire Club Manager to run all CBC games (and/or allow Club Manager to subcontract them)
6) Auction CBC timeslots to qualified (pre-authorized?) persons
7) Maintain the status quo

Eliminated items were 1, 3, 4 and 7.  In addition, Tom Mess presented his thoughts which were emailed to the board on May 21st. Sanction holders net approximately $12/table after CBA rent and ACBL sanction fees are paid. Steve suggested we need to reset the relationship with sanction holders. We discussed the sequence of problems and possible solutions.  Some of this reiterates the above list.  Related changes might include split financials, a new revenue model, a new SLA, negotiating the rent and finding a new location for the CBC. The board is committed to creating a new structure for the sanction holders by January 1, 2015.

 President’ Report - AJ had a few words about the Kentucky Sectional, scheduled for August 15-17, 2014. All preparations appear to be made, and the Northern Kentucky club is doing an excellent job in their inaugural year.

 Finance Committee  - John made 2 new investments. Although small, we received our first dividend payment. 

 Treasurer’s Report - The report was approved as sent.  Susan Wisner told us our PNC money market account has been closed.  We now have approximately $60,000 in our investment account and $40,000 in our US Bank checking account.

 Mentor/Mentee (Future Masters) Program - Barbara reported that the kickoff would be on Wednesday evening May 28th. Bob Fisk did the pairings and sent out emails to all with information about the program.

Education Committee - Mike Purcell sent his email report on May 19th. Mike Purcell proposed that Youth bridge activities be separated from the Education Committee. Details will be presented at a future Board meeting.

Tournament Committee - Repeat communications have been sent to Mary Clifton asking for release of the funds left over from the defunct Middletown Sectional so they may be used for the upcoming Northern Kentucky Sectional.  As yet there has been no response and Tom Mess will follow up.  Patti English reported that everything was pretty well set for the upcoming Cincinnati Regional.  The committee will continue to look for new venues for the future. One that sounded promising was Receptions in Fairfield.

 Meeting adjourned.