CBA Board Meeting Minutes – June 17, 2014
The meeting was called to order at 5:00 P.M.  In attendance were John Meinking, Susan Wisner, A. J. Stephani, Mike Purcell, Steve Moese, and Tom Mess with Sonya Wilson attending by phone.  Invited guests were Patti English and Mike Lipp.
President Stephani requested that the minutes of the May 20, 2014 meeting be approved at the next meeting when Secretary Levinson is in attendance.
Tournament Committee
Patti English, the 2014 Cincinnati Regional Tournament Chair, gave her report on the recently completed Regional Tournament.  There were 25-27 new individuals attending the Tournament.  The Friday and Saturday evening games were poorly attended, even for evening games, with 25 and 22 tables, respectively. Through Thursday, we were on a pace to exceed last year's table count by 80-90 tables, but the weekend numbers (especially the evening games) were disappointing.   Still, we ended up 30 tables over last year.  Final financial figures on of the Tournament were not yet available, but Chair English reported that there would be an increase of several thousand dollars in income versus last year.  Chair English expressed her appreciation of the CBA volunteers who help with the particularly smooth setup and take down this year.
Chair English and President Stephani discussed the 2015 Regional Tournament.  Chair English agreed to be the co-Chair with Stephani.  The Sharonville Convention Center (SCC) continues to be one of the more expensive options for the Tournament.  In addition, there will be significant construction at the SCC next June due to the construction of a SCC hotel.  Receptions on Route 4 has bid for the Tournament in 2015 at a price several thousand dollars lower than SCC.  On motion from John Meinking and on second by Steve Moese, the Board unanimously resolved that the Tournament chairs have the authority to complete negotiations with Receptions for 2015 Tournament.  Chair English excused herself at this time.
President Stephani reported the NLM Sectional Chair Stephanie Richardson resigned after completion of this year’s Sectional.  Pam Campbell has agreed to be the Chair for the 2015 NLM Sectional.  He also mentioned that the Northern Kentucky Bridge Club (NKBC) will be holding the inaugural Summer Getaway Sectional from August 15-17 at the Doubletree Hotel at the CVG airport.  The Cincinnati Bridge Center (CBC) will be closed during these days.  NKBC will be using CBA tables and other equipment.  His last report on tournaments was that the Summer STaC (August 4-10) will have the 10 a.m. games run by Club Managers and the 2:30 p.m. run by the CBA.
Long-term Relationship between CBC and CBA
The Board continued its discussion of the long-term financial health of the CBA, noting that the CBC continues to operate at a deficit.  Treasurer Wisner shared that she is separating the financials of the CBA/CBC.  Treasurer Wisner was asked to either project forward or use historical figures to show what a full year of CBA/CBC financials.  It was agreed by the Board (without Mr. Stephani’s participation) that the Comer sanctions that were received by the CBA in early June would be leased to Mike Lipp and A. J. Stephani for a nominal fee until December 31, 2014 to give the Board more time to consider its future overall structure.  It was agreed that Tom Mess, with the help of other Board members, would draft the Lease Agreement.  In addition, Mr. Mess was asked to draft an explanation of the reasons for the Comer Honorarium and a set of Guidelines for the Sanction Holders to assure that the players, directors, Sanction Holders, and CBA are treated fairly and equitably.  Mr. Lipp excused himself after this discussion.
President’s Report
President Stephani mentioned the upcoming Longest Day Charity Bridge Marathon on June 21.  CBA agreed to provide a light lunch with the help of Justina Clendening, who is the Team Captain for the Longest Day.  President Stephani also asked and received the Board’s approval to donate $2/person of the revenue received due to the additional Monday evening game at the Cincinnati Regional Tournament. 
The District 11 Board meeting continues to discuss the future of the Midwest Monitor, with Brad Bartol as editor.  Mr. Bartol wants $12,000 annually to coordinate the information contained in the Monitor, but will begin delivering the Monitor only in electronic format.  Potter Orr and Steve Moese continue to work alternatives to the Monitor proposal that will deliver the information more cost effectively.
President Stephani requested Tom Mess to draft a letter to Mary Clifton asking for a final accounting of the Middletown Sectional funds and for Ms. Clifton to deliver any unused funds to the CBA.
Education Committee
Mike Purcell shared that the Education Committee plans to propose at a future meeting how the Youth Committee should be structured to encourage younger bridge players.
The meeting was adjourned at about 6:35 p.m.
Tom Mess
Secretary pro tempore