The meeting was called to order by President AJ Stephani at 5:05 PM.  Present were Moese, Wisner Stephani, Purcell, Levinson, Mirus, Wilson, Orr.  Absent was Manne.
   A.J. read the minutes from the May meeting and they were approved.  We talked about the fact that a representative from the Alzheimer's Association came to the Regional.  Although money was collected, it was suggested we do more follow-up here at the CBC.

Three Priorities
   The three priorities were gone over.  There is no new news on the building and lease or the zero tolerance. However, our membership co-chairs Joanne Earls and Chris Hastie continue to do a great job and attendance is up both at the Friday afternoon and Tuesday evening novice games.

President's Report
   A request was made from District Diretor for Charity and Goodwill appointments.  Barb Levinson was nominated from our Unit for the Goodwill committee.
   Mike Lipp, our CBC coordinator and Debbie Cummings, our supplies chair both called A.J. and verbally resigned our positions. Both were thanked  profusely for their service.  A.J. will ask Ron Manne  and Potter to spearhead the search for new people with the thought that the 2 positions may be combined.
   We suggested doing something to honor Pamela Granovetter's accomplishment of achieving Grand Life Master.  There were a few suggestions.  We also thought Tim Crank should be recognized for his attainment of Diamond Life Master.
Treasurers Report
   Susan Wisner briefly went over our revenue and expense statement.  The Tuesday games are both up slightly. She will look into doing two different reports - one for the CBC (Cincinnati Bridge club)  and the other for the CBA( Cincinnati Bridge Association).
Tournament Committtee Report
   Gerry Mirus reported on the NLM tournament.  She and co-chair Sonya Wilson  had predicted a table count of 50 and there were actually 62.  There was positive feedback and the feeling is that we can plan to make it an annual event.  Mike suggested raising the lower MP of Saturday games.
   The Flying Pig Regional will net about $3,000 more than last year. Patti English and Gerry Mirus worked very hard to make this a successful event. The table count was up about 80 tables from last year mainly due to the "orphan" game (7:30PM vs 9:00AM). We met the minimum for food concessions every day . The hospitality in between sessions spearheaded by Gayle Keaney was really nice.   We did get some suggestions and critques which the committe will review to make changes for next year. Adam Parrish held a very successful seminar on the Saturday previous to the tourney and it was well attended and well received.
   The Middletown Sectional is the next tournament scheduled for our Unit.  Mary Clifton, who is in charge, sent the ACBL a request for cancellation of same.  There should be some money left in the account for the tournament and we briefly discussed that we should use the weekend that is available. 

Tuesday evening game ideas
   There was a meeting with Amy Fisher, Chris Hastie and Steve Moese to suggest other types of games for this group.  They also suggested starting at 6:30PM sooner than the agreed upon time of September.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:42PM.

Barb Levinson