Final 2013 CBA board meeting; December 9, 2013
Present were Stephani, Manne, Levinson, Wisner, Orr, Moese, Purcell; absent Wilson
With the change of one minor typo the November minutes were approved as distributed and will be posted to the website.
Review of the 3 priorities:
       Zero-tolerance; one minor incident at a Thursday morning game has now been resolved.
       Membership: no report although it was noted there was only one new member in November.
       Building: there have been some emails with the realtor regarding the building on Blue Ash Road but there has been no further movement with the owner and no action is indicated at this time. There was additional discussion about what constituted an appropriate location without any resolution. Potter Orr is to attempt to deliver a distribution of ZIP Codes all members of the unit including if possible a breakdown of those who regularly play at the bridge center.
Presidents report.
       Joe Muenks submitted a further election report indicating they were 176 ballots cast. This amounts to around 17% of the total membership of the unit but we do not have numbers from prior years with which to compare this. It was noted that the list Joe Muenks had been given contained around 1300 names. The difference reflects the fact that we retain listings in our directory for anyone who has previously been a member and still wishes to be included. Those who have permanently moved to Florida, for instance, would remain in the directory if they choose to even though they are not technically members of the unit. The risk of swaying an election on the chance of one of these people voting seems negligible.
       Both the Granovetter and Altman celebrations were successful. We will have prints made of the photograph from the Grand Life Master celebration  to distribute to our guests. Photographs from the John Altman celebration are now posted on the website.
       We are back to fighting strength with regard to supply chairpersons. Carol Vradelis has agreed to work with Debbie Wiest.
       On motion made by AJ Stephani and passed, the master point limits for the Tuesday evening novice game have been raised to 149.  This reflects the reality that a number of the regular players in that game are now bumping into the 100 point limit and are not quite ready to move to the open game.
       There was some discussion of the policy concerning weather-related cancellations of games. The existing policy was described and has now been added to the list of policies published on the website.
       Marvin Comer is now at home recovering from surgery and this is required Annease to remain at home to care for him. While the long-term impact is as yet undetermined, in the short term AJ Stephani and Potter Orr have agreed to cover the games for the Comers.
       There was additional discussion of the decision by some game directors to use the player number entry feature of the bridge mates without resolution.
CBA master plan.
The plan for creating a more comprehensive month in advance communication to the membership about upcoming events proposed by Steve Moese at the last meeting was approved. A committee was appointed to implement this decision. It will probably include insisting that sanction holders and others submit their plans for the month by the 3rd Friday of the preceding month. Events not so submitted will not be publicized on the website.
Treas. Susan Wisner provided an interim financial report (comprehensive versions are done only at quarter end). It was noted that the unit subsidy of the grand life master celebration will cost about $1200.
There was additional discussion of the need for a written list of duties for Tanya. The board approved the year end bonus for her in the amount of $600.
Education committee: this report was delayed for the time being.
Tournament committee: the committee has been looking for a location for the sectional for next October. So far, they have had no luck. After the last 3 years at $4000 for the weekend, the Sheraton offered to renew at $10,000.
New business:
Steve Moese moved and the board approved asking former board presidents who are no longer members of the board to attend the monthly meetings as an emeritus nonvoting member for at least one year after the end of their board term. This is an idea followed by many nonprofit organizations to retain the organizational memory lodged in these individuals. In this case, it applies to Potter Orr who has served 2 years as board president and is term limited off the board as of the end of 2013. He accepted the request.
Organizational meeting of the 2014 CBA board
Present were Stephani, Manne, Levinson, Wisner, Orr, Moese, Mess, Meinking, Purcell; absent Wilson
The 1st order of business for the new board was the election of officers:
       AJ Stephani was nominated and elected as president.
       Steve Moese was nominated and elected as VP.
       Susan Wisner was nominated and elected as Treas.
       Barbara Levinson was nominated and elected as Sec.
Pres. Stephani welcome the new board members and describe to them the annual board retreat held on a Saturday morning in January. The date of January 11 settled upon and we will meet at Stephani’s house. At this meeting we traditionally set the 3 priorities that we will review at each board meeting during the year and the following ideas were submitted as possibilities for those 3 priorities:
       Club Manager
There was discussion of the date for monthly board meetings. In the past few years we have been meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and Treas. Wisner asked if we could change that to the 3rd Tuesday. This would allow her to present interim financials for the previous month they would be more accurate since it sometimes takes a few days extra to receive all the reports from sanction holders. This was approved and a schedule of meetings for the year has been distributed and posted on the website.