Cincinnati Bridge Association: Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 13, 2010

NOTE: The next Board meeting is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 14. NO August meeting.

Board President Potter Orr called the meeting to order at 5:37 p.m. Present were: John Burpee, Mary Clifton, Debbie Cummings, , Gayle Keaney, Everitt Kitchen, Barb Levinson, Potter Orr, , A.J. Stephani, John Stoppiello, and Chris Schwartz. Members Absent: Patrick Hoffman, Mike Purcell, and Jean Sturtevant.

The June minutes were approved.

The board discussed starting times for games at STAC tournaments. Most board members appear to favor returning to an 11:00 start from the 1:00 start we have been using in recent years. The major advantage appears to be that our attendees will be part of a larger district-wide competition for earning points when the game is designated as a morning game.

September 13 was chosen as the starting date for the month long trial use of Bridgemate electronic scoring machines at the bridge center. Pat Newman, director for Deschapelles, has volunteered to participate in the trial of the machines.

A motion was approved to ask Don Etson to replace Larry Kline who is retiring as the site Facilities Person.

John Burpee called to the board’s attention that our procedures manual calls for the use of only one type of free play coupon after June 1, 2010. Potter agreed to check with the treasurer about the logistics and timing to implement the single coupon.

The audit committee of Gayle Keaney and Patrick Hoffmann expect to complete an audit by the end of August.

John Burpee and A.J. Stephani will meet with UAW representatives in early August to negotiate an extension of the lease for the use of the UAW building for sectional tournaments.

Potter was asked to encourage directors to balance stratification for games so that less experienced members have increased opportunities to win MPs.

The board approved a committee consisting of Gayle Keaney, Barb Levinson, Chris Schwartz, and Debbie Cummings to screen ideas and make recommendations for spending more unit funds for the benefit of members.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:44 p.m.

Everitt Kitchen
Recording Secretary