Cincinnati Bridge Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of the September 11, 2007 meeting



President Patti English called the meeting to order at 5:33 pm.


Members present:

Patti English, Tom Deddens, Potter Orr, Carolyn Ahlert, Barb Levinson, Bob VeVerka, John Burpee, Debbie Cummings, Pat Dutson, Adrienne Netherwood, Mike Lipp, Pat Newman, Mike Purcell, Everitt Kitchen


Members absent:




The minutes from the last meeting were approved.


Treasurer’s Report

The report was distributed and approve.  Adrienne mentioned that the report now includes the net income for the tournaments as a separate line item. 



¨      Betty Hurst was nominated to fill Sandy Orr’s vacancy on the board. She was unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees


¨      Joyce Penn, a nominee for district director gave a presentation of her accomplishments and achievements since she started bridge.   She was asked what she would do to help increase attendance, and she suggested she would work to establish bridge for younger players.


¨      Patti distributed ballots for the election of district director, and all members present completed a secret ballot, which was collected and sent to ACBL. 


¨      Frank Lichtenberger discussed transportation plans for the sectional.


¨      Patti announced that there will be five candidates for five positions on the Board of Trustees.


¨      John Burpee mentioned that bridge classes are starting with Bob VeVerka, Rob Weidenfeld, and Linda Wolbers.  He recommended Patti send a letter introducing them to CBA and provide a free entry.  The board agreed. 




¨      Charity game:  Adrienne could not find an open Sunday not in competition with the Bengals, so other board members suggested we look at Tuesday or Wednesday as an alternative.


¨      Sandy Orr reviewed her committees’ progress on the Constitution.  After much debate about the value of having a facilities manager in the constitution, a straw poll was suggested by Bob VeVerka to get the Board’s feeling about it. Nine members did not think it should be included in the Constitution. The new draft of the revised Constitution will not include a facilities manager, although another poll was taken and the Board did agree that it is something that needs to be studied, and adopted for the bridge center.


Mike Lipp raised issues about Zero Tolerance, and Bob VeVerka raised a question about dues and wording. 


Patti recommended a follow-up meeting in the next few weeks either on a Saturday or Sunday with the Board and the committee to finalize the constitution line by line.


Old Business


¨           None


New Business

¨           None



The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday October 9.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted,




Robert F. VeVerka

Recording Secretary