Cincinnati Bridge Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of the September 9, 2008 meeting



Patti English called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm


Members present:

Patti English, Barb Levinson, Bob VeVerka, Mike Purcell, Everitt Kitchen

John Burpee, Debbie Cummings, Adrienne Netherwood, Pat Newman, Jean Sturtevant, Betty Hurst, Bob VeVerka, Potter Orr


Members absent:

Gayle Keaney


The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

There was no Treasurers report




Congrats to all for helping Dorothy Gard get her award.She was honored.

Linda Wolber appreciated her award and the game honoring her.


Committee Reports



Mike Purcell presented his Education proposal with his modifications to the fee structure. There was discussion about pay rate, how to handle the book, and CBA fees. Bob VeVerka discussed the difference between an independent contractor and an employee.He believes the proposal, i.e. specific times & dates, course selection, pay rate, and performance appraisal all suggests employee status, which would be subject to taxes, potential back taxes and audit (if we were not paying this personís taxes and handling them as an employee.) The proposal was tabled.Patti will try to find a lawyer who can advise us.




The September 8 free game was well received with 17.5 tables. The format of two boards with discussion helped mentors and mentees talk more about specific hands. ††The finale is scheduled for October 2 on a Thursday night.There was some discussion about having four free sessions next year.Next years chair should take this into consideration.


Old Business


Debbie created a psyche bid book that is in the front of the room.Pat Newman did an excellent job of discussing the new policy at Deschapelles.


Patti encouraged the Nominations Committee to get the slate ready as soon as possible for Alert.


Patti explained her conversation with ACBL and the distinction of club owners versus sanction holders.She announced that ACBL and CBA only recognized the Club Manager as the ruling authority, and the person who can make decisions regarding changes.Potter recommended that the CBA have some authority to approve any changes of ownership and will prepare a motion for the next meeting that will address our involvement with Club Managers.Patti said the following are recognized as the Club Managers:


Monday day: Pat Newman (for Deschapelles)

Monday evening: Bob VeVerka (Homestyle & Open)

Tuesday day: Annease Comer

Tuesday evening: Potter Orr (CBA)

Wednesday day Homestyle: Kay Mulford

Wednesday eve: Potter Orr (CBA)

Thursday day: Agnes Delaney

Thursday eve: Annease Comer (Open and Novice)

Friday day: Kay Mulford

Friday evening: Potter Orr (CBA)

Saturday Morning: Mike Lipp has applied for a morning game.

Saturday day: Annease Comer

Sunday day: Potter Orr (CBA)


New Business


The Board approved Mike Lippís request for an Easy Bridge Game on Saturday Morning and a Wednesday Evening game.Potter Orr is the Club Manager (on behalf of the CBA) of the Wednesday Evening Game.


After some discussion about the Steve Shameroy games, it was decided to reinvest the interest earned back into the endowment from Steve.Everett will make a recommendation at the next meeting about whether we hold one or two games a year.


There was enough interest in Bridgemate to form a committee to look into it. Bob VeVerka, Mike Lipp, Potter Orr, and possible Tom Terwilliger and Debbie Cummings will be on the committee.


The meeting was adjourned about 6:45pm.


The next meeting will be October 14, 2008


Respectfully submitted,




Robert F. VeVerka

CBA Recording Secretary