Cincinnati Bridge Association:     Board of Directors Meeting

 Minutes of the Regular Meeting of June 10, 2009


Board President Potter Orr called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.


Members present: John Burpee, Debbie Cummings, Patti English, Betty Hurst, Gayle Keaney, Barb Levinson, Adrienne Netherwood, Potter Orr, Mike Purcell, Chris Schwartz, AJ Stephani, John Stoppiello, and Jean Sturtevant. Members Absent: the Venerable Everitt Kitchen.


Irregularities: The Board enjoyed a paperless agenda. Also, due to the absence of Recording Secretary Everitt Kitchen, the minutes taken at the meeting were, much like our defensive carding, substandard.


The May minutes were approved.


The July STaC is ready to rumble. The coordination across the District is now done electronically, and there appear to be very few glitches for the club Directors. The new STaC Director-in-Charge in Dan Plato. At the CBC, STaC games will be held every afternoon and evening except for Saturday evening. Bob Veverka will direct the Monday evening game and Mike Lipp will direct the Wednesday and Friday evening games.


Plans for the October sectional are underway, with the estimable Jay Albright as Director. Ads are scheduled to appear to in the Midwest Monitor, hopefully at least 24 hours before the cards are dealt.


Nancy Sachs will be moving a class from Pat Dutson’s house to the CBA.


Eighty-eight pairs of mentors and mentees were matched successfully. Rumor has it that eHarmony is jealous. For free mentor-mentee nights, “single” mentors and mentees (those whose partners are out of town) can become swingers and hook up with other unattached mentors and mentees to play for free during those games.


Barb Levinson is still unearthing the myriad of Free Play documents and practices at the CBC. She continues to work to consolidate the mechanisms for  identifying and redeeming free plays. The suggestion that the Board rig a vending machine to distribute Free Play passes was scoffed at unmercifully.


All Board members were beseeched to reveal their lack of bidding acumen by entering the ALERT bidding contest regularly.


The following motion was passed unanimously: “The Board will notify Bob Veverka that it will, by August 15, seek to re-sublet the space at the CBC on Monday evening for the purpose of establishing a regularly-conducted ACBL sanctioned game during that time period.”


The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 pm.