Cincinnati Bridge Association:     Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of May 12, 2009

Board President Potter Orr called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


Members present, John Burpee, Debbie Cummings, Patti English, Betty Hurst, Everitt Kitchen, Gayle Keaney, Barb Levinson, Potter Orr, Chris Schwartz, AJ Stephani, John Stoppiello, and Jean Sturtevant   Members Absent: Adrienne Netherwood and Mike Purcell.


The April minutes were approved.


Regional Tournament Chairperson Patti English reported the regional netted almost $13,000.  Table count was 155 lower than for 2008, a decrease of about 14% in line with decreases seen for other regionals this year. Patti requested and was given approval from the board to provide a $30 bonus to an employee of the Liv-Inn suites who was particularly helpful with arrangements there.  Approval was also provided for $25 bonuses for the caddies.  Next year Patti plans to increase caddie payments to $30 per Session vs. $25 this year, and not provide a bonus.  She also plans to appoint Tanya as a Caddie Captain which is expected to improve communications.  Gayle Keaney has agreed to lead Hospitality next year.  The regional next year will be the week following derby weekend and will potentially end on Motherís Day.  Patti agreed to develop the detailed plan for next yearís regional with a committee including Potter Orr and two other members of her choosing.


Promotions and Procedures Chairperson John Burpee provided a Free Plays Policy and Procedures and made a motion which was approved for the board to adopt it.  Barb Levinson volunteered to assemble the several free play documents that are referenced in the policy.


A.J.Stephani confirmed he is reviewing the rental agreement that the board has with the directors for legality relative to the Landlord to Tenant relationship as well as our ACBL Unit Board to Director Relationship.


John Burpee proposed and the board agreed to the formation of a committee to establish a financial plan. The committee will consist of Potter Orr, chair, plus John, Gayle Kearney, and Adrienne Netherwood...


Gayle Keaney, Library Chairperson, announced that she has communicated with clubs in the Unit to improve the availability of library resources to members of the clubs.  For example, Jean Sturtevant will be the contact for the N. Ky. Club, and other designees are welcome from other clubs.  Gayle also reported that book use from the library is 4X higher than historical levels. She credits the new display equipment for part of the increase. Board members complimented Gayle for her leadership for the library.


Gayle recommended and the board agreed to the formation of a committee to explore extra points games for the club and the unit.  Gayle, Potter, Jean, and Chris, volunteered to be committee members.


Betty Hurst reported that 75 Mentor/Mentee Teams have been formed and 7 more Mentors are needed.  Kick off dinner is Thurs May 14.


John Burpee spoke favorably about experiences with bridge scoring machines and secured board agreement for a study committee chaired by John.  Debbie Cummings agreed to circulate an information summary from fall 2008 about the topic.  John expects we may have the opportunity to share experiences with the N.Ky club who are also evaluating the machines.


The board asked Potter Orr to communicate to the District the request that the District adopt a policy that no sectional be scheduled within 2 weeks of any regional in the District.            


Rick OíConnor, from the N. Ky. club has recommended that a Unit-Wide game be held regularly. Potter Orr will explore with Annease Connor the participation of CBA once a month on Tuesday mornings.



The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm


Everitt Kitchen

Recording Secretary