Cincinnati Bridge Association:     Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 21, 2009

Board President Potter Orr called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


Members present  , John Burpee, Patti English, Betty Hurst, Everitt Kitchen, Gayle Keaney, Barb Levinson,  Adrienne Netherwood,  Potter Orr , Mike Purcell, AJ Stephani, , John Stoppiello, and Jean Sturtevant   Members Absent: Debbie Cummings, Mike Lipp, and Chris Schwartz


The minutes of the March meeting were approved.


Treasurer Adrienne Netherwood provided a Balance Sheet as of March 31, 2009 and a Profit & Loss statement for Jan-Mar 09.   Net Income for the past three months is -$5072 compared to +$2402 for the same 3 months in 2008.  About $3600 of this difference is due to understatement in 08 for rent due to prepayment.  An additional $1500 is due to increased Advertising and Promotion Expenses in 09. ($750 of this will be offset by an ACBL refund).  Lower income sources in 2009 vs. 2008 include about $2800 less interest and $1000 less receipts from table fees and lessons. 


Regional Tournament Chairperson Patti English stated she was optimistic but realistic in her appraisal

of expected income from the upcoming event.  Nationwide attendance at tournaments is down 10% in 09.  Rooms booked at Liv- inn Suites for the tournament total 79 vs. 110 (capacity) last year.  Bulletin and TV rental costs are higher.  Income offsetting some of these expenses include modest increases in the Derby Day dinner tickets (still a bargain at $12), plus increased cash donations from members.  The board approved a recommendation from Patti to have Sandy Orr be the stand-by chairperson in the event that Patti is unable to attend the regional.  Next yearís regional will be a week later in the calendar, finishing on Motherís Day instead of Derby Day.

John Burpee that our ad for the regional will be published late, reportedly this week, in the Midwest Monitor because of printing problems encountered by the Monitor staff.

Potter Orr reported concerns that the Dayton bridge club has scheduled a sectional for the coming weekend directly prior to our Regional, apparently without any discussion at a District meeting.  He will express concerns at the District meeting about this undesirable procedure and outcome.


Promotions and Procedures Chairperson John Burpee reported about the Alert and Free Plays Policies and Procedures.  Consensus of the Board is that the Alert Content is far-ranging and in general extraordinary with compliments offered to the editor, Amit Raturi.  John distributed a second rendition of a Free Plays Policies and Procedures, authored by Adrienne and John.  They requested feedback prior to the next board meeting, at which time board approval of the document is anticipated.  New policy statements that John anticipates include 1. Dealings with the Club Managers and Directors; and 2. Financial Strategy for the Unit.


Potter Orr reported that all directors using our facilities have provided signed copies of the rentals agreement provided to them by our board.  Potter agreed to send an additional copy of this agreement to the board members.


The board discussed the Monday night games and understands that no games are anticipated until June.  In June, Bob VeVerka plans to begin a game using an ACBL approved approach targeted to Novices and Ultra Novices (0-5 MP) ACBL.  We understand Bob will need to get a new sanction from ACBL for this game. 

The board concluded that President Orr should communicate to Bob VeVerka that rental of space to Bob for Monday nights after December, 2009 is contingent on his conducting, from June through November, a regularly scheduled game with a consistent format.


The board voted to accept the resignation of Mike Lipp as a board member.


The board voted to provide $300 for expenses for the national GNT competition to each of the two teams from our unit who won the GNT qualifier in January.  The District will match this contribution from the unit  in addition to the $500 if provides to each team.  Board member Stephanie abstained from the vote since he is a member of one of the teams.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:43 pm


Everitt Kitchen

Recording Secretary