Cincinnati Bridge Association Board of Directors:
Minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 8, 2011

Board President Stephani called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.  Present were: Mary Clifton, Cordell Coy, Debbie Cummings, Patrick Hoffman Gayle Keaney, Barb Levinson, Potter Orr, Mike Purcell, Chris Schwartz, and A.J. Stephani.  Members Absent: Everitt Kitchen

Also present:  Stephanie Richardson, Bill Coombs

The February minutes were approved.

The issues surrounding the termination of CBA teaching privileges with Bob VeVerka appear resolved.  Mike Lipp still is still awaiting receipt of Bob's building keys.

We are awaiting a proposal for the purchase of new chairs from Debbie and Potter.

Bill Coombs addressed the board indicating that the Whist Club (20 members continuously operating since 1896) appears to have found a new home and will not request to use space at CBA.  Their likely new home will be smaller and they expect to have excess furniture (chairs, tables, wall hangings, etc.).  A.J. indicated that CBA would be good stewards of their excess items if that was a desired outcome for the Whist Club.  Bill indicated that there were other homes for some of their possessions and thanked A.J. for the offer.  Chris will go to see the furniture to see if some of it could be useful to CBA.

A.J. acknowledged some troubles with assignments at the Louisville NABC and promised to speak with Nancy Luetge and/or the Louisville club.

A.J. summarized the CBC manager meeting for us.  He indicated that this was the first ever such meeting and that common ground among the managers was hard to find.  No agreement could be reached concerning the inputting of ACBL #s via the BridgeMates.  The board took it upon themselves to decide the issue as the setup for the BridgeMates needs to be common among the managers.  The board decided against inputting the ACBL #s.

The board discussed the issue of classes which include an ACBL sanction.  Rental of CBA space is different for classes and games.  The board decided to continue the current pricing arrangement with a quarterly limit of one game per class.  Potter will inform the parties involved.

We discussed ideas for what to do for Tom Deddens' send-off.  Name an IN event at the regional for Tom, designate a day at the regional as Tom Deddens day, and holding an NLM alumni game were among popular ideas discussed.

Gayle presented the February financials.  She has come to the conclusion, and the board agrees, that only one kind of free play certificate is necessary.  The certificates will be numbered without duplicate copies and used both for purchased gifts as well as remuneration for services rendered to CBA.

Gayle spoke briefly about hospitality assignments for the regional.  She said that among donations of food items, that cooked items, fruit/nuts, and non- sweets were most appreciated.

Potter will set a policy for the use of mid-chart conventions for all games at the regional.

Cordell is researching games played at recent sectionals and regionals in hopes of proposing ideas for how we might change our variety of games at our tournaments.  Mary, Potter, Barb, and A.J. will assist in the proposal.

Stephanie and Barb reported on the current status of the Mentor/Mentee program.  The committee will require mentees to be assigned to a new mentor each year (can't be their regular partner).  The committee will make all assignments of mentors to mentees allowing for specific requests as meets their guidelines.  Kickoff for the program will be Thursday 5/26 and the finale held on Sunday 9/18.  The program will be held on 4th Thursdays and 2nd Sundays (except September).  The committee proposed that mentors play free and that mentees pay.  No action was taken by the board.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40.

Cordell Coy for
Everitt Kitchen
Recording Secretary