CBA board  meeting minutes - February 16, 2010


The meeting was convened at 5:30 p.m. by President Potter or.  Present were Debbie Cummings, Mike Purcell, Chris Schwartz, John Burpee, AJ Stephani, Barbara Levinson and Potter Orr.  Also present to deliver the 2009 year-end financial statements were our previous treasurer Adrienne Netherwood and our new treasurer and Anirudh Pandit.


The minutes of the January meeting were approved as submitted and published on the website.


Adrienne Netherwood presented the year-end financial statements for 2009.  The total operation including all tournaments showed a profit of $2321 for the year.  This is actually understated by $2500 because the revenue from the December holiday party was not deposited and counted until January.  Adrienne also mentioned that for the first time we issued form 1099 statements to those directors who were paid more than $600 during the year for their services directing CBA games.  This procedure is in compliance with IRS regulations.  Various questions were asked and answered to the satisfaction of the board members.


AJ Stephani made a motion seconded by John Burpee that CBA provide a subsidy to each other to local teams that qualified to go to the nationals in the recent GNT district finals.  Teams qualifying in both the A and C divisions had half of their team members from our unit.  The proposed subsidy was $250 per team.  According to district policy, this local subsidy will be matched with another $250 to each team from the district.


John Burpee presented information about our schedule of newspaper advertisements for bridge lessons.  He asked for the consensus of the board regarding the timing of these advertising campaigns.  The issue has come up because the teachers in the unit start classes at different times.  Without either greatly increasing the expense or stretching the advertising very thinly, it is not possible to run ads that would support every possible starting date.  The consensus of the board was that we would plan our campaigns at times it made the most sense and got the best results.  We would offer to include notice of all beginner and intermediate classes (this is what the ACBL will subsidize) that might benefit from our advertising campaign.  Support in terms of notice on our website is always available upon request at any time during the year.


We reviewed the calendar of special events as published by ACBL four 2010.  We have already messed the first of three ACBL wide international fund games (held February 6).  We are also passed the time to hold Jr. fund games which are available throughout the month of February.  We are participating (snow permitting) in the ACBL wide senior game on Monday, February 22.  For the rest of the year our decisions are as follows:

        March 17 ACBL wide charity game No

        all of April is Charity club championship games.  We will hold these ought to of the four Tuesday night's.

        May 13 international fun game number two No

        June July August our North American pairs qualifying games.  We will participate on two Tuesday night's during each month.

        July 23 ACBL wide international fun game number three No

        all of September: these are available as club international fund games and we will participate on Tuesday nights except that one of those Tuesday nights might be available as a fundraiser for the Louisville 2011 nationals.  If so, we will do that instead.

        September the 16th on a Thursday evening is the ACBL wide instant matchpoint game.  This is a Annease Comer's game and she has already announced her intention to participate.

        All of October is Jane Johnson club appreciation games.  We will participate on one Tuesday night out of the month.

        November 29 is the ACBL wide charity game.  We will urge Mike Lipp to participate.


Discussion of the August Middletown sectional was deferred to next month because Mary Clifton (who will be running the sectional) was not able to attend this meeting.


It was pointed out that next month's board meeting (March 9) falls during STaC week and they will not be very much time between the afternoon game in the evening game.  As a result, the president was ruthlessly badgered into agreeing to bring food for the board meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 640.


Submitted: amateur secretary Potter Orr