Cincinnati Bridge Association  Board of Directors:   Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 6, 2010

Board President Orr called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Present were: John Burpee, Mary Clifton, Debbie Cummings, , Gayle Keaney, Everitt Kitchen, Barb Levinson, Potter Orr, Mike Purcell, Chris Schwartz, A.J. Stephani, John Stoppiello, Jean Sturtevant, and Incoming Board Member Cordell Coy. Members Absent: Patrick Hoffman. The November minutes were approved.

Potter thanked board members who are leaving the board, (John Burpee, John Stoppiello, and Jean Sturtevant) for their service and dedication to the board. John Burpee, who has served 5 years on the board, offered two challenges to the board. The first is to Reach Out more beyond CBA, for example with education efforts utilizing new teachers and new locations and extensions beyond the current course offerings. He also recommended improved efforts at Reach In. Ideas he offered included renewing activities to connect more personally with new members via welcoming letters, letters to new life masters, letters or cards to ailing members, and tracking of ACBL membership statistics for our unit.

Gayle Keaney has abstracted highlights from the minutes of board meetings from 1996 -2006 by 41 subject categories. Potter has put the summary on the website for reference.

Compensation including a year end bonus for Tanya, the cleaning technician from Coverall, was discussed. For the past 10 years we have been paying $777/month to Coverall of which Tanya receives $663. CBA also pays her an additional $60/month. In the building we occupy, she also receives additional earnings for cleaning the facilities of Cincinnati Coatings and the bathrooms. Her relationship with Coverall provides liability insurance, but not workman’s comp or health insurance.

The board voted to not cancel the contract with Coverall for cleaning services by a vote of 9 to 1. The board voted (7-3) to provide a year-end bonus of $575 to Tanya. Bonuses provided in 2008 and 2009 were 400 and 500.

Gayle Keaney reported that $260 of the $350 allocated for 2010 for library functions has been spent on books with an additional $60 of income received. Gayle plans to roll over the balance of $150 for expenses in 2011.

A motion was passed by the board to move the location of the CBA sectional to the Crown Plaza (near the Sharonville convention center) beginning in 2011. Discussion of this topic included the understanding that while a three year contract will be signed, use of the facility beyond 2011 will be subject to the directors (and board) finding the facility suitable. The cost of the new contract will be $5000, year 1, $4000, year 2 and $3000, year 3. Advantages for the new site include better bathroom facilities, and more pleasant surroundings. A disadvantage is the need to modify hospitality practices.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

Everitt Kitchen
Recording Secretary

Cincinnati Bridge Association: Board of Directors Meeting: Minutes of the Organizational Meeting of December 6, 2010

Attendees: Same as for Regular Meeting of the Same Date

Board President Orr called the meeting to order at 7:27 p.m.

New board member Cordell Coy was welcomed to active duty on the board.

The following officers were elected: President, A.J. Stephani; Vice-President, Potter Orr; Recording Secretary, Ev Kitchen. The election of a treasurer was tabled, and will be reconsidered no later than the February board meeting.

Potter Orr was appointed Unit Recorder. Primary duties of this position are receipt and notification of sanctions and suspensions from ACBL.

A.J., John Stoppiello and Barb Levinson agreed to be Unit representatives at District Meetings.

Mike Purcell volunteered to recruit a person to be a partnership chair and to provide a job description for this position to board members before the January board meeting.

Ev Kitchen reported that the award trophies now all have updated engravings.

Don Etson has accepted the position of facilities manager for CBA with compensation of 52 free plays per year. Tournament setups will be managed by AJ Stephani and Larry Klein as volunteers.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:21 p.m.

Everitt Kitchen
Recording Secretary