Cincinnati Bridge Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of the November 13, 2007 meeting



President Patti English called the meeting to order at 5:33 pm.


Members present:

Patti English, Tom Deddens, Potter Orr, Carolyn Ahlert,  John Burpee, Debbie Cummings, Pat Dutson, Betty Hurst, Adrienne Netherwood, Mike Lipp, Pat Newman, Mike Purcell


Members absent:

Bob VeVerka, Everitt Kitchen, Barb Levinson



The minutes from the last meeting were approved.


Treasurer’s Report

No Report – Adrienne Netherwood reported that she has moved $25,000 to a National City CD in order to receive a better return rate.



¨      President English announced that the Sectional was a huge success followed by

a wonderful Charity game. Thanks go to Jane Burpee, Diana Travis and Adrienne.

Also, the building has a new tenant…..Constant Companions.  Construction work will

begin soon as they will be getting their own entrance and rest rooms.


¨      Jane Burpee gave a recap of the Sectional.  The weekend made a profit of $1,400. Her report included a number of great suggestions for future Sectionals.


¨      John Burpee gave an overview of the responsibilities of the Promotions Committee and presented their organizational plan for the upcoming year.   The plan  will require future action as the new year progresses.


¨      Adrienne thanked Jane for helping with the Charity game, especially since it occurred immediately after the Sectional.   We donated $600 to the Cure for Breast Cancer.




¨      “The Alert” publication was discussed.  The Promotions committee and Carolyn are going to develop one last ALERT and send it out in early 2008.  It will have pertinent information for upcoming events, but will also explain the future of the document.  The board approved the use of a return card that will be included; one where a member can ask for a hard copy to be sent to them once the ALERT goes to the website.


¨      The Board of Trustee’s organizational meeting will be December 10th and the Constitution workshop is December 5th at 6:00.


Old Business


¨      President English presented a detailed account of the responsibilities of the Supply Supervisor, the Facilities Manger, and the CBC Director.  After discussion, the board approved giving the Supply Supervisor and the Facilities Manger one free play per week and free plays at our STaC*, our Sectional, and our Regional.  Debbie Cummings is willing to take the position of Supply Supervisor and a Facilities Manager had not yet been appointed.


New Business

¨           Potter and Adrienne gave a report from the District 11 meeting.  We now need to find a place for the NAP and Sectional, since the spare rooms in our building have been rented.  We are to report back to the District on our progress within 10 days.

¨           As new Supply Supervisor, Debbie asked for a “clean up day”.  The board decided that Sunday December 9th would be a good day.  Any one who can help should meet her at the CBC at 1:00.  New shelves will be installed along with various other things that will be done to spruce up the center.

¨           A motion was made to purchase a new copier for the CBC.

¨           Patti asked that everyone be thinking about what responsibility they would like to do for next year, and expressed interest in serving as President again, since she has not completed a full two year term.


The next board meeting is scheduled for Monday, December the 10th at 6:00 at the Iron Horse in Glendale.    The meeting was adjourned at 6:44 pm.


Respectfully submitted,




Patti English


                     * STaC games that are owned and operated by the CBA.