DRAFT Nov 15, 2008


Cincinnati Bridge Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of the meeting of November 11, 2008


Board president Patti English called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


Members present  John Burpee,  Debbie Cummings, Patti English, Betty Hurst, Gayle Keaney, Everitt Kitchen, Barb Levinson, Mike Lipp,  Adrienne Netherwood,  ,  Potter Orr , Mike Purcell,  AJ Stephani , John Stoppiello, and Jean Sturtevant    Members Absent  Chris Schwartz


The minutes of the last meeting were approved with one correction  (Patti, do you have this correction?)



Chris Schwartz and AJ Stephani have been elected by the membership as new members of the board.  Everitt Kitchen and Barb Levinson have been re-elected as board members.

The new constitution and bylaws were approved by 97% of members voting at the sectional tournament October 24-26.  Ms. English provided copies of the document to each board member.



Jane Burpee, chairperson for the Octoberfest fall sectional, provided a written summary report of the operational results of the sectional.  Table count of 240.5 for the sectional and 80 for the NAP totaled 321 comparing favorably to about 300 for the past three years.  A profit of $556.50 was realized for the sectional; NAP profits become District 11 income.  Specific recommendations for improvements for next year are included in the report, and in a supplemental summary of findings from an opinion survey conducted by John Burpee. 


Joh Burpee reviewed the promotion plan for our 2009 regional tournament. Potter Orr and John will combine efforts to provide an electronic promotion piece for the Midwest monitor and for the ACBL whose e-mailing will reach 195,000 members.  John also provided a writeup about  promotion support for CBA education classes and asked board members to review it and provide him inputs about plans he is proposing to increase support at the CBC and Unit wide for the Education program.


Debbie Cummings will be chairing the Jan 2009 STAC.  The board reviewed the decision the board made earlier  this year to reduce entry fees for the club managed games at the July STAC to $8 from the level of $9 at the 2008 STAC.  Potter Orr urged the board to keep the fee at $8 for the January STAC based on experience from the July STAC. The board passed a motion to do so, while acknowledging that individual directors can set their own price.


Mike Purcell presented a recommendation from the Education Committee to approve teaching class schedules for the first quarter of 2009. The board approved the schedule for the cooperative program being taught by Nancy Sachs, Linda Wolber, and Rob Weidenfeld. The board tabled approving the schedule for Bob Veverka’s Club Series classes subject to clarification about dates, and assurance of no conflicts with the STAC and Homestyle games.  Mike Lipp asked the Education Committee to prevent scheduling conflicts between lessons and E-Z bridge sessions on Saturdays in the Spring.


Patti English reminded board members that our next meeting is at Parkers on MONDAY Dec. 8., and that board members are asked to provide desserts for the club Christmas party on Dec. 10. 


Potter Orr reported that at a recent District meeting, club input has been requested for potential improvements in the Midwest Monitor.  Currently we support the monitor via an assessment of about $425 for each of the four issues per year following a formula based on size of club membership.  Additionally we pay for ads promoting our tournaments.  A motion was passed that we are satisfied with the current status.  (Potter: I was out of the meeting when this was approved.  Is this correct?)


The board was reminded that one of the National tournaments will be held in Louisville in 2011.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:37 pm.


Everitt Kitchen

Acting Recorder