Cincinnati Bridge Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of January 13, 2009


Board president Potter Orr called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


Members present  John Burpee,  Patti English, Betty Hurst, , Everitt Kitchen, Barb Levinson, ,  Adrienne Netherwood,  Potter Orr , Mike Purcell, AJ Stephani , Chris Schwartz, John Stoppiello. Jean Sturtevant   Members Absent: Debbie Cummings, Gayle Keaney, and Mike Lipp


The minutes of the December meetings were approved as corrected.


Several items related to Education were covered in the first half of the meeting.

1. Bob VeVerka spoke to the board about concerns he understands the Education Committee has that his beginner bridge classes are not being extended into intermediate classes.  Bob understood from a communication with Mike Purcell, chair of the Education Committee, that the Board might not support Spring classes being taught by Bob. 


Bob explained that his intent has been that individuals taking his classes could feed into classes being taught by Nancy Sachs and Linda Wolber.  He reported that he has had 61 beginners in previous classes; and his analysis of interests of these students indicates only about 1/5 of them are interested in moving into playing duplicate bridge or additional classes.  Bob has14 students enrolled in his January classes.  Bob indicated a willingness to teach classes beyond the beginners class using the ACBL Diamond Series. 


2. Members of the education committee, stated that the committee has yet to meet to consider class schedules for the Spring, and will report to the board at the February meeting.  Potter Orr added for clarification that the board had not reached any consensus about Spring programs at its last meeting.  Potter and other members of the board commended Bob for his commitment to teaching bridge over the past year, and thanked him for talking to the board about his concerns.


3. A.J Stephani reported that a Youth Bridge Club has been established at Sycamore H.S. and that a parallel effort is underway at Walnut Hills H.S.


4. Mike Purcell made a motion that CBA provide up to $200 for part of the $600 cost of a Power Point Projector to be used for education classes.  $400 has been secured for this purpose from club members. The motion was seconded and passed.


 5. .John Burpee reported that ads promoting the teaching programs being taught in the first quarter of 2009 are running on 4 dates in the Cincinnati Enquirer,with the ACBL funding 75 % of the cost.


John Burpee reported that promotion of our Spring Regional will be included in an ad and article in the January and April issues of Midwest Monitor.  John also circulated a copy of the next “awesome” issue of the ALERT, and complimented the new editor Amit Raturi on the excellent job he is doing with the content and new electronic format. 




Potter Orr reported for Debbie Cummings who is attending a business meeting that Debbie has duplimated the boards for the STAC which begins on January 19.   She has completed ATTEMPT 3 for fool proof instructions too see that boards are played on the correct days.


Potter also reported that the Sunday Game initiated by Rob Weidenfeld has been judged a success.  A motion was made, seconded and passed that the sanction held by CBA for this game be transferred to Rob with the stipulation that it can be revoked for cause.  The board retains the right to approve or reject the choice of a new director if the sanction is transferred to another director.


John Burpee provided the board members a printed process for establishing policies and procedures for the CBA. These policies and procedures will be established to allow the Board to apply the new CBA constitution to current and changing conditions in such areas as job descriptions of officers, supervisors, committee chairs; use of the Cincinnati Bridge Center; relationships with directors; and compensation.  John asked all board members assigned to chair committee or events to begin working on job descriptions.


Ev Kitchen asked the board to set the date for the yearly Awards and Recognition Game and Party.  A motion was made and passed to hold the event on Tues March 24.



The next meeting of the CBA Board will be on February 17


The meeting was adjourned at 6:37 pm.


Everitt Kitchen

Recording Secretary