Cincinnati Bridge Association:  Board of Directors Meeting  

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of January 12, 2010


Board President Potter Orr called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m.  Members present:, Mary Clifton, Debbie Cummings, Patrick Hoffman, Gayle Keaney, Everitt Kitchen, Barb Levinson, Potter Orr, AJ Stephani, John Stoppiello, and  Jean Sturtevant.  Members Absent: John Burpee Mike Purcell and. Chris Schwartz.


The December minutes were approved.


Gayle Keaney expressed her vehement concerns about 14 books being missing from the library because the honor system has been dishonored.  Books have been taken without completion of loan cards.  As a result, future borrowing will require borrowers to obtain a key to the book cabinets from a director or board member who will need to oversee the withdrawal.  The board approved the purchase of a new white board for library use, to be paid from general funds rather than the library committee budget. 


The board discussed progress towards the potential adoption of automated scoring at our club.  Debbie has installed the windows version for ACBL Score (required to adopt BridgeMate) on the front computer.  She or Potter expects to upgrade the web-site results page to display the Deep Finesse formats.  Together, they plan to implement training for 8 directors for implementing the ACBL score software and including the Deep Finesse file with web-site game results.


Potter reported that our new directories are available and that a comparison of our and the ACBLís mailing lists for our unit show we have 400 people listed who are not on the ACBL list.  Potter will send the list of the 400 to board members and asks that they identify any on the list who have moved from our area (and do no longer play at the club), have died, or otherwise ought not to be listed.  


The board voted to conduct the Awards and Recognition Party this year on Tues, May 18.  This date, later than the historical mid March timing will permit attendance of more snowbirds.  Because of the potential of attendance outstripping table availability, reservations will be required.  Awards winners will play for free, and other attendees will pay the normal game fee.  Potter and Debbie agreed to provide Ev Kitchen the awards party chair, capabilities for generating awards certificates.


The district has received our Unitís proposal to host the 2010 NAP game.  We expect it will be acted upon at the Indy Regional the first week in March.  Potter Orr and John Stoppiello plan to attend that meeting.


Patrick Hoffmann has agreed to conduct the audit of the Unit finances.


John Stoppiello announced that the Mentor-Mentee program for 2010 will begin with signups beginning March 1 for a May to September format essentially the same as last year.  Games will be promoted for the 2nd or 3rd Thursdays, and conflicts avoided with teaching classes.  John will ask for approval for the program at the next board meeting.


The potential for more Unit wide games was discussed.  Potter will provide a list of special games that may pertain.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:42 p.m.


Everitt Kitchen, Recording Secretary