The date for the CBA December board meeting and organizational meeting for 2011 is Monday Dec. 6 at Parker’s restaurant. We can gather beginning at 5:30 with the meeting to begin at 6:00.

Cincinnati Bridge Association Board of Directors: Minutes of the Regular Meeting of November 9, 2010

Board Vice President Stephani called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Present were: John Burpee, Debbie Cummings, Patrick Hoffman, Gayle Keaney, Everitt Kitchen, Barb Levinson, Potter Orr, Mike Purcell, Chris Schwartz, A.J. Stephani, John Stoppiello, Jean Sturtevant, and Treasurer Anirudh Pandit. Members Absent: Mary Clifton.

The October minutes were approved.

A.J. reported that he has established a Google Voice # for the bridge club. (513) 443-CLUB.

He also reported progress with the cleaning contract. The cancellation date for the contract is December 10.
Of the $777/mo. that we have been paying to Coverall for the past several years, Tanya now receives $665. In addition, we pay Tanya $60/month as a bonus. Further discussion of the contract status will be on the agenda for the December 8 board meeting.

Board members were reminded that purchases for the club and unit are exempt from sate tax. AJ will ask the treasurer to prepare a packet members can use to satisfy suppliers requirements to not charge sales tax.
He also will investigate having a charge card for the bank account.

The board approved Potter Orr’s recommendations for dates for our Sectionals and Regionals through 2015, as follows. Emphases have been placed on maintaining a week between our sectional and the LV regional and one to two weeks between our and the Gatlinburg regionals.
Sectional Regional Weeks from Gatlinburg
2011 Oct 28-30 April 26-May 1 1
2012 Oct 26-28 May 7-12 2
2013 Oct 25-27 May 6-11 2
2014 Oct 24-26 May 5-10 1
2015 Oct 23-25 May 4-9 2

Potter reported that discussions at the recent district meeting confirm that our Unit will host the NAP competition for our region again in 2011 in association with our sectional tournament.

The board discussed the possibility of our Unit sponsoring a day at the (Lousiville) nationals (March 10 – 20). Gayle Keaney made a motion that we do so. The topic was tabled until the next meeting.

Stephanie Richardson and Sharon Kreitzer have agreed to share the responsibilities of the Publicity Chair for the Unit.

Board members expressed a consensus for broader utilization of the Shamroy Fund to aid education of newer members. The fund currently contains about $4000.

The board agreed with Potter Orr’s recommendation to complete negotiations to rent 20 parking spaces adjacent to the north end of our current parking area. Potter has negotiated the price down from $250 to $200 per month. Deschapelles has offered to pay half of this amount with the Unit paying the other half.

The board approved a motion to begin payment of compensation to Mike Lipp as
CBC Coordinator as of 11/1/10 at the level approved at the October board meeting ($600/ year plus 52 free plays per year).

Chris Schwartz announced that tickets for the Holiday Party to be held on December 8 will be the same ($25) as for last year. The board approved her requests that the Unit pay the director costs for the evening and underwrite 10 free plays.

Gayle Keaney reported that initial financial results indicate that the Sectional realized a profit of about $700.

Anirudh Pandit provided a Profit and Loss statement for the 3rd quarter and a balance sheet comparison vs the prior year.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:44 p.m.

Everitt Kitchen
Recording Secretary