Miracle of miracles, the January 2013 meeting of the CBA board was called to order at exactly 5 PM with all nine board members in attendance.
The minutes of the previous meetings were briefly discussed and approved. As a matter of policy it was decided that the recorder of minutes would email a draft to every board member and allow for days for comments before posting the minutes on the website.
President Stephani next covered some housekeeping items for the upcoming year:
       He asked for volunteers to serve as representatives of unit 124 to the district board meetings. Mike Purcell and Barbara Levinson volunteered.
       Education committee: Mike Purcell agreed to continue as chairperson with committee members Steve Moese, Phyllis Bishop and Bob Fiske (subject to their approval)
       Finance committee: Treas. Susan Wisner as chairman and Gayle Keaney with the addition of others as needed.
       Executive committee: made up of the four officers as per our bylaws
       Membership committee: Sonya Wilson and Gerri Mirus
       Tournament committee: AJ as chairman, Patty English, Gerri Mirus, Potter Orr, Gayle Keaney, Barb Levinson, Mike Lipp and Ron Manne.
       Audit committee: not set yet.
       Disciplinary committee: AJ as chairperson other members selected as needed.
       Unit recorder: Potter Orr.
       Promotions committee: Steve Moese, Susan Wisner, AJ Stephani.
       CBA coordinator: Mike Lipp.
       Unit secretary: Mike Lipp.
       Partnership chairperson: Mike Lipp although with his full-time job he has his hands full and we will seek another person to take this job.
       Mentor mentee: Barb Levinson and Bob Fisk.
       Bridge library: Gayle Keaney.
       Awards party: Everett Kitchen. Date set for April 2, 2013.
       Holiday party: Melanie Onnen and Diane Thaller (subject to their agreeing to do it again).
Presidents report:
       Awards party date set for April 2, 2013.  We will continue for now awarding pewtter cups to new life master’s.
       The call for volunteers to assist with standby duties was very successful and the year is now set.
       The old fridge will be unplugged shortly.
       We will investigate the purchase of a trailer to hold our tournament tables and tournament supplies in place of the current storage locker. We will need to acquire insurance for the trailer and assure that we continue to have access to the Viox parking lot.
       A link to a new version of the CBA website homepage will be emailed to board members for their review and comment. Steve Moese has put this together.
       A short discussion of the usage of the CBA website and policies for inclusions of items therein was discussed. Potter Orr will present a draft policy for review of the board.
Treasurer’s Report:
Gayle had sent a copy by email of the 2012 financial report (subject to a few minor corrections). The report was discussed in several questions answered. It was decided that we would post a condensed version of the income statement on the website on a quarterly basis. Gayle also presented a summary of what we have been paying to Coverall and to Tonya for cleaning services. No specific action came from this discussion, but we would try and find a time when Tonya can tackle some major cleaning projects that are beyond the scope of the daily work.
Education Committee:  Mike Purcell discuss the Saturday beginners game. At present Kay Mulford is not receiving the entry fee for this game. This is allowed the education committee to fund certain activities related to the game including a small remuneration for the person giving the novice lecture on Saturday and also for the person supervising the game. We’ve not had the same arrangement with the Comers, but Mike has gotten them to agree to at least contribute seven dollars for the lecture and seven dollars for the person running the game. Mike also mentioned the 99 or email newsletter and asked about sending it to all members instead of just those in this category. We decided to leave it at just 99 are group to receive this newsletter.
Topics for the Saturday board retreat:
       Future of the Tuesday evening CBA game.
       Lease situation.
       Need for additional game directors.
       Sanction holders rental agreement.
       Chairs - again.
In spite of the prompt start, it was about five minutes before seven for the meeting was adjourned.
Potter Orr