Cincinnati Bridge Association Board of Trustees)Directors)

Minutes of Regular Meeting June 12 , 2012

Board President  A.J, Stephani called the meeting to order at 5:3.0 PM. Present were Patrick Hoffman, Potter Orr, Mike Purcell, Barb Levinson, Ron Manne, Gayle Keaney, Susan wisner, and Gerry Mirus.

May Minutes were reviewed and approved. The Board noted the resignations of Cordell Coy and Mary Clifton from the Board during the month of May, and thanks them for their service. Under the selection process conducted via e-mail during May, the Board has selected Susan Wisner and Gerry Mirus to fill the remaining terms of Mary Clifton (term ending 2012) and Cordell Coy (term ending 2013), respectively. We welcome Susan and Gerry to the Board and thank them for their willingness to serve."

"Patrick Hoffman was elected as the Secretary of the CBA and will serve the balance of the term of that office through the end of the year.

The status of the  three on-going committees is as follows:

  . Membership  -no Progress

  . Lease and Location – No Progress

  . Sanction Holder Communication and Relations – Monday night game has been changed to an  invitational game. It was decided to ask the Descaplle’s board to send a representative to our board meetings in the future." should be changed to "Ron Manne suggested that we ask the Board of the Deschapelles Club to send a representative of that Club to all CBA Board meetings. The suggestion was met with unanimous approval, and Ron made a motion, seconded by Mike Purcell  that we do this. The motion passed unanimously, and Ron was asked if he would communicate with the Deschapelles Board on this."

A.J. asked for a volunteer to serve as our representative to the District 11 Board. Mike Purcell volunteered. A.J. also noted that Beth Reid has asked for nominations to the National Goodwill and Charity Committees to be submitted by September 1. Any names should be forwarded to A.J. for submission to Beth.

Susan wisner presented some marketing alternatives for our club. Copies our included with these minutes. No action taken at this time.
Education committee Mike requested funds for the Bridge in a Day supplies of $150. IT was approved.
Gayle Reported that the finance committee will meet on June 21.
A.J. will be the interim chairman of the Tournament Committee. The Flying Pig Regional will be in June in 2013
Gayle reported that the rent for the Viox parking lot has been paid for the last seven months of 2012.
Question was raised about ways to publicize rules changes that occur in regards our games.
Meeting was adjourned at 6:35pm


Patrick Hoffman

Recording Secretary     


Copy of Marketing Plan:


In order to effectively communicate the Bridge Association’s message to the potentially playing public, running an advertising campaign through the following magazines and community presses should be considered:
1.)   The Living Magazines – 28,800 viewers
Start advertising in October 2012, through the holiday season.  I propose that we run a vertical, 1/3rd page column (10” x 2 5/16”).  Below are the calculated prices for the desired duration that the advertisement is run. 

1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Any Three $747.00 $2,043.00 $3,672.00
All six $1,248.00 $3,546.00 $6,156.00
Text Box: * Price includes initial proof and one change (with a final    
   proof) - $25Description: Description:          
The six magazines include: Fort Mitchell Living, Fort Thomas Living, Hyde Park Living, Indian Hill Living, Sycamore Living, and Wyoming Living.
2.)  Cincinnati Magazine – 340,520 readers, 41,303-paid monthly circulation
               Start advertising in October 2012, through the holiday season.  I propose that we
               run a 1/3rd vertical or square page spread (4.625” x 4.625” – Square) (9.5” x 2.25”

1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Cincinnati Magazine $2,590.00 $7,380.00 $14,010.00
Text Box: * Deduct 15% for black and white adsDescription: various-ad-sizes-_2
3.)  VENUE – 10,000 copies mailed (4 editions/yr.)
            Start advertising in their October 2012 edition.  Venue prints 4 editions a year (October,
            January, April, and July).  Two options:
1.)    2 pages on first issue + 1 page on the next issue = $3000.00
2.)    Everything from Option 1 + 4 page story on the third issue = $4,500.00
By marketing through Venue, the history of the Cincinnati Bridge Association, pictures, tournament schedules, etc., can be enjoyed by readers, while also being disguised as an advertisement.
4.)  Community Press – OH total: 127,000    OH&NKY total: 196,000
            Start advertising in October 2012, through the holiday season.  I propose that the
            advertisement be a 10” x 2” (6 columns x 2 inches) banner across the bottom of the front
            page for all (desired) community newspapers.  To advertise in full color, a full run for the
            selected 7 Ohio locations = $833.70/week.  To advertise in full color, a full run for all 14
            Ohio locations = $1,700.20/week.

1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Selected Seven * $1,667.40 $5,002.20 $10,004.40
All * $3,400.40 $10,201.20 $20,402.40
Text Box: * Running 2 times per month
            A full run for OH&NKY = $2,430.10
                        * NKY covers: Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties
5.)  Free Marketing Options
1.)    Twitter – Updates about tournaments and bridge classes.  Ability to upload photos.
2.)    Facebook – Information about the club would be available in addition to club updates 
                     and pictures.
3.)    Foursquare – Create enthusiasm for members to become “Major” (have the most
                        check-ins at the bridge center).  CBA can offer incentives for major/
                        frequent attendees.