Cincinnati Bridge Association Board of Trustees(Directors)

Minutes of regular Meeting July 10, 2012

Board president S.J. Stephani called the meeting to order at 5:30p.m. Present were Patrick Hoffman, potter Orr, Mike Purcell, barb Levinson, Susan wisner, Gerry Mirus, and Sonya Wilson. Absent were Gayle Kearney and Ron Manne.


June Minutes were reviewed and approved.


Board welcomed Sonya Wilson as liaison between our board and the board of Deschapelle.

A discussion was held regarding the starting time for our meetings. It was agreed that until the end of this year it would be changed till 5:00p.m. This is effective with the August meeting.

three priority reviews status was unchanged for all three at this time.


A.j. reported on the parking problems with the one tenant being resolved. The thermostat was  replaced and all were reprogrammed. He had also approved The Hyde Park clubs change in the date of their game.

Potter reported on the chair replacement program.  We are getting 4 more new chairs 3 standard and 1 on casters.

Gayle had reported that our librarian had resigned. It was decided to send out a mass email to members to see if anyone is interested. It was discussed about having a “Take A Book” donation sale in September/October time frame.

youth fees were discussed as they pertain to non CBA owned games. Sanction Holders were going to be contacted as to determine an equitable and uniform way to handle.

Mike Purcell presented the Education Committee’s proposal for the “Bridge In A Day” class. after some discussion the following was the final proposal:

Proposal: CBA “Learn Bridge in a Day?”


The Education Committee recommends the CBA host “Learn Bridge In a Day?” Saturday September 8, 2012

at the CBC.  The sanction holder for Saturday (Kay Mulford) concurs and teachers are committed to the event.  The Committee requests a budget of $2276 to $3316 as detailed below.


Rationale – The Education Committee wants to create a steady drumbeat of new players at the CBA.  While the CBA supports lessons, conversion to club membership is weak.  LBIAD will attract more people with an interest in bridge to become new duplicate players, and eventually CBA members.  Pioneered by Patti Tucker in Atlanta, Georgia LBIAD can be used with any demographic, and is designed for those with no experience, those who have played in the past, and those who have played party or social bridge.  LBIAD is a 5-hour commitment by the individual to try something new. 


“Learn Bridge in a Day?” has been used in several states with tangible success:   Northern Kentucky Bridge Center, Lexington, Russell Springs(Kentucky), Atlanta, Georgia and others.  20% to 60% of the participants have continued with lessons or play at the bridge centers.


Goal - Attract 50 to 100 people interested in learning bridge into our welcoming bridge community. If successful, the Education Committee intends to offer this event 2-3 times per year.



1.      Conduct a “Learn Bridge in a Day” seminar Saturday September 8, 2012 at the CBA that:

  Introduces the basics of bridge to new players and refreshes concepts for those who have not played recently

  Encourages play in the CBA 0-30 Game and participation in current classes that meet individual needs

  Provides quality instruction with practical and clear exercises that reinforce the topic(s)

  Provides a free lunch and refreshments for participants and volunteers

  Identifies CBA volunteers who create a welcoming atmosphere for 1st time players.

2.   Learn what makes LBIAD successful in Cincinnati


Program Resources and Budget

CBC resources are needed (including a working sound system and wireless microphone). 



(Class Size)



Pre-Registration/Registration: Phone, e-mail & CBA website.



Reimburse Sanction Holder for 9/8/2012



Advertising – Community Newspapers



Advertising Flyers: CBA volunteers, word of mouth churches, employers, community groups and other Unit 124 games. 



Printed Materials:  Pamphlets, Teachers/Classes Lists, Handouts, Free Play Coupons, Registration Cards, etc.

$ 220


Lunch for participants and volunteers






Free Plays -  Attendees at 0-30 Saturday Afternoon Game



Free Plays -  Volunteers to Tuesday Evening (CBA Sanction) Game



Free Plays - members get 2 free plays to Tuesday Evening (CBA Sanction) Game for every new pair recruited to the LBID seminar






Net (ACBL Cooperative Advertising Program Rebate)




Evaluation - Participants provide objective feedback on their experience. The evaluation form will include items to measure the effectiveness of the teacher(s), the exercises, the process of the seminar and other items pertinent to completing another successful seminar.  The Education Committee will report results and recommended next steps to the CBA Board, including follow-up with teachers and non-returning participants.


Submitted Respectfully: The CBA Education Committee


the motion to accept this proposal was made by Mike Purcell and Seconded by Susan wisner and passed unanimously.


A.J. reported that everything is set for the October sectional and finalizing December STAC schedule.


there was a zero tolerance incident at a sanction holder’s game. Potter was going to discuss the possible penalty for the involved party.



Gerry Mirus and Sonya Wilson did volunteer to work on a welcoming packet for new members.


meeting adjourned at 6:50p.m.



minutes submitted by secretary


Patrick Hoffman