December 10, 2012 CBA board meetings

 Final meeting of the 2012 CBA board

President AJ Stephani called the meeting to order at 8 PM. Present were AJ Stephani, Susan Wisner, Barbara Levinson, Ron Manne, Potter Orr, Gerry Mirus, Gayle Keaney, Mike Purcell. Absent was Sonya Wilson.
The minutes of the November meeting were read by AJ, and on motion made by Ron Manne and seconded by Mike Purcell they were approved
We had a review of the three priorities:
       There was a discussion of the additional parking spaces from Viox. Ron Manne and Potter Orr reported on their conversation indicating that Dan Viox was not willing to reduce the parking rate in exchange for fewer parking spaces. Based on discussions with Sonya Wilson concerning the Deschapelle club, AJ made a motion seconded by Ron Manne that CBA pay the entire $200 per month for the extra parking spaces for the year 2013. The motion carried on a seven to one vote.
       Nothing concrete has happened on the investigations about a new location for CBA however it was noted that a union hall building on Reading Road just slightly south of our present location now has a for sale sign. We will at least inquire as to the price of that building.
       Nothing specific to report on membership

AJ delivered the president’s report. As reported earlier Toledo was very upset with our changing our regional to the first week in June since they had traditionally held the regional in that week although only in even numbered years. They had however, failed to sanction their tournament for 2014 until after we had sanctioned ours. They complained to ACBL and the matter was taken to an arbitration board at the recent San Francisco National. The arbitration board’s decision was a mixed bag. They found that Toledo did have a tradition of a regional in that first week of June but that they had been remiss in failing to sanction 2014. As a result both Cincinnati and Toledo will be allowed to have a regional in the first week of June in 2014.  2015 will not be a problem since Toledo does not hold their tournament in odd numbered years.  In 2016 Cincinnati will have to move their tournament from the first week of June.

Gail Keaney presented the financial report which had been mailed to board members earlier. There was a question about the increase in free play redemptions this year. Gail said that she had audited free plays a couple of times during the year and was satisfied as to the accuracy of the numbers.
There was discussion of a holiday bonus for Tonya. We first started giving Tonya bonus in 2004 in the amount of $100 and it has grown over the years to $575 in 2010 and $600 in 2011. A motion was made by Gail to increase the bonus to $625 this year with a second by Gerry Mirus. The motion passed with six votes in favor, one opposed and one abstention.
The report of the education committee was limited to notice of a committee meeting next week. Topics of the meeting will include the future of the pre-game seminars on Tuesday evenings (very lightly attended) and a discussion of another Learn Bridge In a Day event for the spring of 2013.
The tournament committee report dealt primarily with the NLM sectional planned for May 2013. Gerri asked for names and locations of regular bridge games held outside of the normal sanctioned games in the unit (like Sycamore community center). She and Sonya Wilson plan to go in person to as many of these games is possible to promote the NLM sectional spring.
Upon motion made by Gerry Mirus this final meeting was adjourned.

Organizational meeting of the 2013 board


The first order of business was the election of officers for 2013.
One nomination for the office of president was made by Gerry Mirus nominating AJ Stephani. Susan Wisner seconded the nomination and he was unanimously elected.
One nomination for the office of vice president was made by AJ Stephani nominating Potter Orr. Mike Purcell seconded of the nomination and he was unanimously elected.
One nomination for the office of treasurer was made by Gail Keaney nominating Susan Wisner. Potter Orr seconded the nomination and she was unanimously elected.
One nomination for the office of secretary was made by AJ Stephani nominating Barb Levinson. Gail Keaney seconded the nomination and she was unanimously elected.
Discussion was held about possible times for a board retreat in early January. A tentative time of Saturday, January 12 at 4 PM at AJ Stephani’s house was agreed to. Potential topics for the retreat include the problem of attendance at the Tuesday evening game, the need for additional club directors and an organizational structure in the event that we find a new building.
Around 10 PM the second meeting was adjourned.
Submitted by Potter Orr