Cincinnati Bridge Association Board of Trustees) Directors)

Minutes of Regular Meeting August 14, 2012

Board President  A.J, Stephanie called the meeting to order at 5:00 P.M. Present were Patrick Hoffman, Potter Orr, Mike Purcell, Barb Levinson, Ron Manne,  Susan wisner, and Gerry Mirus, and Sonya Wilson. Absent was Gayle Keaney.

May Minutes were reviewed and approved.    

The status of the three on-going committees is as follows:

  . Membership: Sonya and Gerry presented the welcoming cards to be sent to each person as they join the unit as a new member. They are going to meet with A.J. to firm up the wording and format. 

  . Lease and Location – No Progress        

  . Sanction Holder Communication and Relations –Potter had a discussion with Kay Mulford regarding a zero tolerance incident at one of her games and a positive result was achieved.

President’s Report:  There was a slight problem with the bridgemates return from Dayton after a brief discussion determined that it was taken care of. Nothing to report from District meeting but will send out the minutes when he receives them

Parking Lot Rent issue will be handled when the Finance Committee brings their recommendations to the board.


The Treasurer’s Report was not acted on since Gayle was unavailable. Any questions will be taken up at next month’s meeting.

Education Committee reported on the idea of charging all junior players $2 at whichever game they play. Mike asked all sanction holders for their input and received no replies. They will be approached again.  Bridge In A Day class set for September 8th. The club will be closed for all other activities.

Ads will be in the newspaper the two weeks before.  As of this meeting it was estimated to have approximately 30 to 40 people registered. Susan also wrote an article which she hopes will be published along with pictures taken at the club.

Election Procedures: A.J.  Reported that Joe Menks will chair the nominating committee for this years’ election and all candidates will have to obtain 10 signatures of club members on a petition to be a candidate for the board. The committee will try to establish a procedure for early voting prior to the October Sectional which is the normal time to cast ballots.

The Tournament Committee reported that the October Sectional will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Chester Road the North American Pairs Qualifier will be a two session event on Saturday. Dates are October 25, 26, and 27.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:30p.m.


Minutes submitted by Secretary


Patrick G, Hoffman