Cincinnati Bridge Association Board of Trustees) Directors)
Minutes of Regular Meeting September 11, 2012

Board President  A.J, Stephanie called the meeting to order at 5:08 P.M. Present were Patrick Hoffman, Potter Orr, Mike Purcell, Barb Levinson, Ron Manne,  Susan wisner, Gayle Keaney, and Sonya Wilson. Absent was Gerry Mirus.

July Minutes were reviewed and approved with a correction regarding junior fees and change in rent for junior players.  

The status of the three on-going committees is as follows:

Leased Space and Building- No Change.


Welcome cards for 11 new members were sent out in September. The cards will be sent to all new unit members based on the ACBL Membership Report.

Sanction Holders

Directorgram will be sent out to the sanction holders about the new member program and how to handle the free play that new members can earn.

President’s Report

A.J. received a request from Tim Crank for funding for his participation in this summer’s GNT in Philadelphia.        
A.J. made a motion to contribute $125 it was seconded by potter and approved.
Discussion was held considering problems with returning the bridgemates from Dayton in time for Monday morning’s game.  Except for this month’s sectional Sonya will take care of their return. September’s Sectional in Dayton A.J, will insure they are back on time.
Board Elections
October 5 is the deadline for petitions to be received by Joe Menks from all candidates. here will be early voting allowed this year.  The procedures for that will be established by Joe.


A.J. presented the compensation schedule and there was discussion. It is in our records under board minutes as CBA COMPENSATION POLICIES Approved 9-12-12.docx.
Finance committee
 The committee recommended that the table rent remain at $15.00 for 2013.
A.j made a motion that the Shamroy Fund pay for bridge In A Day(BIAD) for this year and future years, Seconded by Gayle and approved .
There was no recommendation by the committee on the financing the Viox parking spaces.

Education Committee

Mike reported on the success of  LBIAD with 120 participants and 402 volunteers. The presentations were well done and well received.
possibility of charging  small fee in the future was discussed as well. Follow up to LBIAD will be sent to the participants to encourage them to come to our Saturday 0 to 30 game.

Tournament Committee

A.J. reported that the Middletown Sectional table count was down. The committee will be looking at the viability of this tournament. A.J. also reported that our unit holds less sectionals than other units and they will be looking at the possibilities of holding more sectionals.
Meeting was adjourned at 6:45p.m.
Minutes submitted by Secretary
Patrick G, Hoffman