Cincinnati Bridge Association Board of Trustees (Directors)   
Minutes of the Regular Meeting of September 13, 2011

Board President Stephani called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. Present were: Mary Clifton, Cordell Coy, Debbie Cummings, Patrick Hoffman, Everitt Kitchen, Mike Purcell, and A.J. Stephani. Members Absent: Gayle Keaney, Barb Levinson, Potter Orr and Chris Schwartz.

The August minutes were approved.

Ev Kitchen reported on inputs he received from members about naming one of the existing non-life trophies for two current members. The topic was tabled until the November meeting to allow more board members to participate in the decision to name trophies after members or alternatively to concentrate recognition for service and performance in the awarding of the existing Steurnagle and Eber awards.

The nominating committee (Debbie Cummings, Ev Kitchen, and Chris Schwartz) recommended and the board agreed to a slate of Barb Levinson, Ron Manne, and A,J, Stephani as candidates for election to the board for 2012 to fill three board positions. AJ will ask Potter Orr to add a message to the web site inviting additional nominations.

Mike Purcell reported that 6 people have responded to the advertisement and enrolled for the Fall Saturday series beginner classes. Good progress has been made in establishing instructional bridge classes at Walnut Hills HS (AJ Stephani and Howard Ringel), at St. Xavier HS and Indian Hills HS (teachers being recruited). Exploration of programs are also underway for Mason HS, and for Dixie Heights HS and Covington Catholic HS (Joe Pike from the N. Ky club).

AJ reported on attendance at the District 11 meeting at the Dayton Regional. A discussion of the meeting is available in the Midwest Monitor. Our board president AJ Stephani has been appointed to replace Bob Lyon who is retiring as Tournament coordinator for District 11 after many years of service.

Cincinnati October Sectional Posters have been distributed to other units.

The Finance Committee is working diligently to bring recommendations to the October board meeting to address the ongoing financial losses of CBA. One finding has been that rent and utilities have been increasing for several years while rent to sanction owners has not been increased over the same interval.

Mary Clifton reported on the successful recent Middleton sectional

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45.

Everitt Kitchen
Recording Secretary