Awards Night  Tuesday march 25, 2008

The board awarded a special Lifetime Achievement Award to Nancy Sachs and Linda Wolber for their years of contributions to bridge in Cincinnati as directors, teachers, players board members and much more.

Nancy is shown here, Linda is in Florida.






Ace of Clubs Award Winners
Courtney Thurman, Donald Duritsch, Carol Vradelis, Sandy Johnson, Adam Parrish, Mary Smith, Ron Babcock, Nancy Sachs, Patti English, Matt Granovetter, Norm Coombs

Mini McKinney Award Winners

Horwitz Award: Steve Appelbaum; Jan Weyant Award: Arun Goyal; Jane Ward Award: Carol Vradelis; Rookie of the Year: Adam Parrish; 2nd Master: Bruce Smith; Manny Isralsky & Jane Wrd; Norm Coombs; 1st Master: Mary Smith

A full house

New Life Masters

Lilam Stanley

Robert Rickling

Yauheni Siutsau

Rachna Goyal

Judy Gehr

Frank Lichtenberger

Liz Platt

Gloria Over

Adam Parrish

Donald Duritsch