Welcome to the 2011 Mentor/Mentee Program!
Opening night is Thursday, May 26th.  We will be having a potluck dinner starting at 6:30pm with Bridge beginning around 7:15.  Mentees are asked to bring a food dish (picnic type item, appetizer, dessert, etc.) to share with everyone as a thank you to all of the Mentors who are donating their time and talents.  CBA will provide soft drinks, beer and wine.
Even if you and your Mentor/Mentee are unable to play together on May 26th, we still encourage everyone enrolled in the program to come out and enjoy the festivities.  If you are in need of a partner for the evening, contact any member of the Mentor/Mentee committee, and we’ll try and hook you up.
The following are guidelines to help you make the most of opportunities offered by the program:
It is suggested that you play Bridge together at least four times between now and the end of September.
Pairs play for half price at the CBA on the following days:
Thursday May 26, 6:30pm (start time is hour earlier than usual)
Sunday June 12, 1:00pm
Thursday June 23, 7:00pm
Sunday July 10, 1:00pm
Thursday July 21, 7:00pm
Sunday August 14, 1:00pm
Thursday August 25, 7:00pm
Sunday September 18, 1:00pm
Northern Kentucky is also hosting games.  Pairs play for FREE at Elsmere Center on the following days:
Thursday June 2, 11:30am
Tuesday June 14, 10:00am
Wednesday July 6, 6:30pm
Friday July 22, 10:00am
Thursday August 18, 11:30am
Wednesday August 24, 6:30pm
The Finale will be Sunday afternoon, September 18th
None of the above games are mandatory, but are usually fun, educational and enjoyable.
Responsibilities of the Mentee:
Contact your mentor to arrange dates for playing Bridge.  Do this as soon as possible.  Do not wait until the last minute.
Tell your mentor what you would like to work on to improve your play.  Ask your mentor for input/suggestions.  Be willing to negotiate/compromise.
Responsibilities of the Mentor:
Be kind and patient with your mentee.  Usually mentees are newer players and are looking to you for guidance in learning.
The “extent” of your mentoring is up to you.  Be willing to share what you know and direct the mentee to any other resources he/she might find helpful.  CBA has a great library available!
If you have any questions, please contact:
Barb Levinson Lorna Davis     Stephanie Richardson Bob Fisk
bsl@fuse.net   nons@cinci.rr.com      stefphd1@mac.com    bobsbbcards@gmail.com
(513)258-8216            (513)777-1760            (513)733-1221            (513)379-5252
For those of you in Northern Kentucky, please contact:
Cordell Coy